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5 Social Media Safety Tips for Parents

Social media has change the communication of today and it became more trend on teenagers. People came to use as it as it makes easier to get in touch with friends, without taking so much of your time on making phone calls or coming over to a friend’s place. Social media also implements privacy that’s why intrusive parents could not take a peek over their teens conversation.

First of all, parents must become familiar on which social media and instant messaging apps their teens are using. Learn these five social media safety tips particularly for parents of teenagers.

  1. Know more about the social media privacy settings

Take time to learn the different social media privacy setting and be familiarize with it. From Snapchat, Instagram, Ask.fm, WhatsApp, Twitter to Facebook, the safety guidelines may vary of each platforms.

  1. Keep your teens be reminded the longevity of posted content

As a parent, being protective to your teens may annoy, however, though it is for them, keep on reminding them that there is no privacy when it comes to social media. Teens post anything on the web and when it ends up in the bad side, it is harmless.

  1. Build a positive reputation for your teen

Make sure you always check up on your teens profile and be aware of the content that will ruin their reputation or their future. Who knows, job employers or universities might stumble their social media profiles.

  1. Remind them regarding oversharing restrictions

Teens likes to post anything on social media, even their private ID such as, birth date, address, contact information or school attended. They are also like to express their feelings online. Though, its good to share it, this might backfire your teens and may put them in bad situations such as cyberbullying. Remind your teens that they should choose to share their feelings to the person who are close to them.

  1. Become a consistent guide to your teens

There is always a possibility that your teen might fall into a wrong choice and that choice might haunt them forever especially when a videos or image on social media documented it. When this time comes, as a parent, you should guide your teen how to deal with these things as well get them engage on an open coversations.


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