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Tuan Nguyen

70%+ of Your Ad’s Success Depends on Design

“Creative is about 70% to 80% of the effectiveness of advertising.” So says Jon Gibs from Nielson Online in a recent eMarketer report. Your banner’s design (or creative) is the most critical element of your banner’s success, and should not be neglected. As a matter of fact, a bad banner can actually be more damaging than no...Read More

Don’t Neglect Everything But The Banner…

Having a professional-looking, eye-grabbing banner is crucially important, HOWEVER, you should not forget about your overall marketing funnel and strategy. What do I mean? Well, once someone clicks on your banner and go to your site; – are you capturing their information (like email)? – Are you using banners in conjunction with other advertising mediums?...Read More

Ad Rotation: The Only Way To Defeat Banner Blindness!

Eventually, your results will begin to sag. Not to worry! This is natural and happens because of a phenomenon called “banner blindness” (when your prospects tune out your banner because they’ve seen it so often.) Statistics show that this typically happens after someone sees a banner ~4 times. So what do you to defeat banner...Read More

The Ultimate Banner Sin: Being Boring!

You have about 3 seconds… That’s how long you have to capture your reader’s attention. If you don’t – consider them as good as gone! You see, there’s a reason that Attention comes first in the classic AIDA copywriting formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) – you must first grab your reader’s attention if you want...Read More

When It Comes To Banners, Size DOES Matter

The following graph shows the CTR of a few leading banner ad formats. For a full list of sizes, check out: www.20dollarbanners.com/banner-size As you can see, 300×250 ads performed best, followed by 728×90 (leaderboard) and 120×600 (skyscraper.) From a traffic perspective, knowing these figures can make a huge difference in your campaign’s performance (e.g. a...Read More

Where do you see the most successful ad placement?

Do you know which location gets the most clicks for your banner? Let’s find out… Here’s a “heatmap” from Google that shows how banner location affects click-through rates. Colors fade from dark orange (best performance) to light yellow (weakest performance). As you can see, ads placed “above the fold” and closest to primary content perform...Read More

A Quick Review On Banner Ads

For those of you not familiar with banners, here’s a quick overview. A Banner (also know as  web banners or banner ads or image ad or display ad) is simply an online image that advertises something on a webpage. Every time someone clicks on a banner, they are brought to an advertiser’s website. Here are...Read More

Banner Secret #3: Testing. Serious Marketers Test… and Test OFTEN!

Putting up a banner ad and “letting it ride” is no longer good enough. To get real results today, you need to test, and test often. Here’s the thing. One can never be quite sure what specific appeal strikes your prospect’s “banner clicking” chords the best, so you need to test different approaches. Which one...Read More

Banner Secret #2: Weak Or Missing Call To Action

I’m sure you’ve seen them before… the dreaded “action-less” banners – banners that fail to tell you what to do next! Although it may seem obvious to many that a banner is there to be clicked on, many people won’t click unless you ask them to. And if you get zero clicks, your banner is...Read More

Banner Sercret #1: Sell The Click, NOT The Product!

Advertisers commonly try to sell their product on their banner. Bad idea. Why? Well, because banners are a very impulsive decision. No one goes to a site “looking” to click on a banner, much less be sold! What you’re trying to do is generate enough curiosity on your banner to get people to click on...Read More