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4 Facebook Tips for Business Owners

Facebook has become the new way to grow business as it is easy to use through internet or with the use of smartphone, you can simply manage and market your business online. While the site is mainly intended for people to share ideas and to make the people more connected to the world, business owners...Read More

Vietnam Placed Social Media Restrictions

Vietnamese Facebook users have no access to the social networking site as the government of the country place a restriction this week, which is also the scheduled visit of US President Obama to Vietnam. According to the government, it is to hinder anti-government protesters from utilizing the site for their propaganda. The Verge reported, two...Read More

Facebook Pushing Users to Use Messenger App

Social media giant Facebook will no longer allow users to read and chat their contact through the mobile website version of the site. Facebook notified the users that they will only view their messages through the Messenger app. According to Tech Crunch, the new changes will be effective this summer. “Your conversations are moving to...Read More

Snapchat Purchased the 3D Face-scanning App Seene

Messaging app company Snapchat has secretly bought company developers of Seene, an app which let users have 3D selfie images on their phones. The move has not been known for several months, and the acquisition could help Snapchat develop potential virtual reality projects. Seene app is known for its 3D selfies, and talks about Snapchat’s...Read More

Small Business Tips to Making it Big Online

Facebook has become the way of small business owners to market their businesses. Despite that it is easy to gain access on social media, marketing online can also be done without spending too much money. Through learning some of the effective marketing techniques on Facebook, small business owners will be able to get their target...Read More

5 Best Tips to Remain Active in Social Media

Social media has greatly changed the communication over the previous years. Today, people use social media to communicate, even the old ones who was used to snail mails, have already an account in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Social media is not only for young ones today as everyone, regardless of their age are enjoying...Read More

5 Social Media Safety Tips for Parents

Social media has change the communication of today and it became more trend on teenagers. People came to use as it as it makes easier to get in touch with friends, without taking so much of your time on making phone calls or coming over to a friend’s place. Social media also implements privacy that’s...Read More

4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips You Should Start Using

When you are in social media, you often did not realize that you spending so much time, however, it doesn’t have to be always this way. Apply these tips in order to make spare time on your social media effort. Utilize a social media management system when posting Schedule your social media posting when managing...Read More

Be Mindful Online

People often use social media to express their thoughts, without giving it a second thought and it is exceptionally obvious in the present internet age. However, when aiming for a better social media engagement, you should consider everything. Your business has an identity, and this is formed by a business owner’s values and the characteristics...Read More

Five Useful Social Media Tips for Success

Billions of people are using social media nowadays to communicate with their friends, increase audience, to get updates on famous people and other various reasons. However, for social media users, who want to boost their audiences, take note of these five useful tips. Create an account in numerous social media platforms If you have more...Read More