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Twitter Launches The Connect Tab

Today Twitter is revamping its tab at the top of your feed by launching Connect, this is a new feature aimed to be helping you distinguish which accounts you should be following. This tab will pull together follow recommendations based on your location, who you’re already following and major happenings on Twitter. On iOS and Android it is similar to a previous “Find People” that is in the same space..

Together with the Twitter’s personalized suggestions, users will also be able to find friends by syncing their contacts from their address book. The tab will change over a period of time as it continues to refine its suggestions based on your activity as Twitter says. This will also showcase you why it’s recommending you to follow specific accounts. If Connect sounds a little bit familiar it’s probably because the Notifications tab used to be having the same name.

And as Twitter continues to be failing in appealing to a mainstream audience. Connect is likely a try to make it convenient for them to figure out what to do when they’re on Twitter. If you’re one of the Twitter users who only follows 30 random kiddos went to high school with, your timeline is unfortunately stagnant and pretty uninteresting. By bumping up the number of people you follow, Twitter is hoping that you get to make your feed something you actually wanted to look at.

Together with the launching of Connect tab, Twitter also launched a re-innovation of its mobile website today. Connect will begin showing up on iOS and Android today.

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