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10 Tricks To Make Yourself an Instagram Master

It is Instagram which marked 200 million users in March, and it doesn’t seem to be in a suffer from the surfeit of competitors taking it on. These 10 tips will give you fresh ideas about how you can get most out of the app whether you are a newbie or an old –timer on the network

  1. Save your originals

The photos that Instagram uploads and share with the whole world is 612×612 pixels in size. You can find it these on your phone or tablet if you want to access a higher resolution version.(if you’re uploading it on your website perhaps.)

It is automatically saved in an Instagram folder in the gallery on android ; on iOS  they’re added to your camera roll. Make sure the Save Original Photos option is activated on the settings page (which is turned on by default) in both cases. The maximum resolution that Instagram can  save is 2048 x 2048 pixels, irrespective of your device’s capabilities and better to take note of that.

  1. Embed your photos on the Web

Want to share some inspiring Instagram shots on your blog? Via Instagram on the web click the menu button and choose view photo page then open the menu button again and pick the Embed option. The code that will appear can be pasted anywhere on the web to show the picture and you can also embed images from other Instagram streams …

  1. Take time with your edits

Have you ever noticed the more sophisticated  editing tools that Instagram recently added a month ago? It’s not just you can adjust the strength of each filter but also can access a host of extra options too.

If the part of your picture is a little too dark then use the Shadows option , or if you want to open up the Saturation slider  turn the strength of the image’s colors up or down notch . Underneath edits that you’ve already applied, will appear a gray line for you to easily retrace your steps  if you want to go back to its original settings.

  1. Save your favorites to Dropbox

We make no secret of our admiration of IFTTT, the online app that pulls together all kinds of services and tools. There are many different ways you can use Instagram with IFTTT, from sending your pictures to Twitter to keeping track of images at a certain location.

Add Dropbox into the mix and you can build a recipe that saves all the Instagram pictures you favorite to your hard drive, which is a great way of building up a collection of the best snaps you come across on the network. The 640 x 640 public version of each image is the one saved to your Dropbox account.

  1. Manage your photo map

Every time you share a photo to Instagram, you have the opportunity to add it to your photo map. As we’ve explained before, you should always be wary when sharing the location of your pictures, but the feature can be useful for grouping images together or charting the progress of a particular trip. To review the pictures you’ve tagged with a location, tap the map marker symbol on your profile page—the subsequent screen shows where your photos are pinned and enables you to remove the attached location information, should you want to. Remember that public geotagged photos will appear on that location’s page within the Instagram app.

  1. Pick your hashtags carefully

Think twice about why you’re hashtagging your pictures: is it to get them seen by more people or to add them to the mix at a public event? Pick hashtags that are too common and they’ll get lost in the flood, so keep them relevant and use them sparingly. It’s also worth browsing through related hashtags already being used on Instagram to see if there are niche hashtags or even official hashtag streams relevant to your images that you didn’t know about. Be specific, be relevant and be observant is the advice from Instagram staff when it comes to using hashtags.

  1. Make more of your profile

Make sure that you give strangers a reason to tap the follow button  and your profile is the first page that strangers will see when they get to check out your instagram feed. Tell something about your personality or the kinds of pictures youll be sharing in your account

  1. Share more widely

Instagram can plug into plenty of other social media services, so make use of these links and share your photo-taking abilities with all those people who don’t have Instagram installed. At the same time, you should avoid spamming your friends across multiple social networks too often—you can turn the sharing options on or off for each individual photo, once you’ve established the connections.

Unfortunately, Instagram pictures are no longer shared as native images on Twitter, but you can use this IFTTT recipe as a workaround. Facebook integration is very straightforward, as you would expect, with linked pictures duplicated in an Instagram Photos album.

  1. Learn from the pros

Mix up your contacts list by adding in a few Instagram experts and professionals alongside all of your family, friends, and favorite celebrities. You’ll soon pick up ideas for how to use lighting, scenery and the various filters available in the app just by studying the work of the experts. Try road tripperFoster Huntington (909,995 followers), the National Geographic’s Ira Block(52,072 followers) or CNN journalist Jethro Mullen (900,800 followers at the time of writing) for starters. Keep your eye on the Instagram blog too, where staff members and expert users sometimes share tips on getting the best pictures you can (such as this post on macro shots).

  1. Add extra apps

As Instagram is able to load in photos from your phone or tablet as well as take them with its own camera, you can add some third-party apps to the mix. Plenty of apps (such as Diptic for iOS or Photo Grid for Android) will let you create photo collages within one Instagram image, while dedicated camera tools (like Camera+ or Camera Zoom FX) can really take your snaps to the next level before you even open Instagram.

To get more out of your phones camera lens you have to invest in some extra hardwares too. And it’ll help you to make more out of your photos. And you can now finally share it in your account.

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