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4 Key for a Successful Social Media Marketing This year 2016

When it comes to online content consumption, social media networks are number one. Millions of user create and visit their social media accounts every day. For a marketer, this is a large opportunity to grasp if they wish to promote their products and services. This is also the reason why several new companies are opening and entering the field.

If you like to know more about the keys to successful social media marketing, read on.

  1. Updates will prevail

Updates will continue to grow exponentially. The obsession with live streaming and new features will be on the mainstream, think of SnapChat and Periscope. We are getting close into the Virtual Reality. It also means that more apps will compete and battle for user’s full attention. So get ready to show the face of your business and start thinking of strategy that would fit in the current needs of your audience. This is also the time to think of how you can leverage your brand with instant updates. Now, these are some ideas to get you started:


*Short tutorials and webinar.

*Team at work and behind the scene snaps.

*Real time Q&A sessions

* Product updates and exclusive product sneak peeks.

*Time sensitive discounts and special offers.

*Sweepstakes and collaborations with influencers.


  1. Culture will still be king

Nice and good product is not enough because having a brand story and unique brand value is now a necessity. People will still care about the culture rather than product. Your business needs a story and a shared cause to your audience. Building quality relationships with your users or audience, and offering them unique experience is important. Not sure what exactly your consumers crave for? You can try out Kinnect2 platform. It brings brand and consumers together to share their opinions and receive real feedback on their product or brand story.


  1. Rising Privacy Concern.

Many users are becoming aware of privacy in their social media accounts. After reading a post from other users about account being hacked, identity thief, phishing, or scam, the privacy issue and security are becoming a wide topic and concern of every social media users.

One of the reasons for SnapChat popularity is because of its self-destructive messaging feature that makes the app more secure and ideal for private communication engagement. It should be noted too that Facebook updates rolled out new privacy awareness tools, most probably to compensate a major dissatisfaction after the forced Real name policy implementation.

Don’t ask your users to disclose any private information publicly. Always use private messages and highlight your privacy policy and you have to inform your users about the use of cookies other they agree to share with your service.


  1. Social network as a search engine

Because of a big community, social media networks are becoming a popular search tool. Users are no longer typing into Google, they go straight to Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Tweeter for advice and opinion.

In recent survey, 87% respondents claimed that Pinterest helped them decide what product to purchase. As this social media network is mainly dominated by woman in their 30s, known to show the most active shopping habits, no wonder the number is so high.

Identifying social media as a search channel as well may potentially help you double your revenue. You can also make use of social media channels to share special discounts, limited promo code and feature actual reviews and testimonials from your users as this may encourage others to adapt your products and/or services.

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