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4 Top Secret Retargeting Techniques Revealed

For every online marketer, retargeting involves all activities necessary to nail a potential customer down.  It means converting them to become your client/ customer.

The marketing concept is composed of different phases.  It’s like a funnel where  the top is wide and going down, it slowly narrows.  The top is where you make your marketing campaigns to attract attention.  When you catch them, they go down the funnel where your purpose is to bring them down, which means conversion.  However, the chance of success becomes lower as the funnel becomes slimmer.  It begins to get harder and harder as you go nearer the finish line.

From your marketing campaign down to awareness, then commitment.  The finish line is the conversion and repeat.

  • Can you sign them up?
  • Will they accept your offer?
  • Are the people who land on your sales page will buy?

The answer is yes, or more commonly no, if you talk about majority.  As it nears the bottom of the panel, less and less people will make it.

This is where retargeting does its job.  It bridges the gap between these phases  towards your goal and success.

There are several ways to do retargeting.  Here are four of them:

1)  Complete Sign Up

It’s hard to convince someone to sign up.  Even though you have the greatest sales page created, persuading them to type their information on your website won’t come easy.

However, if you’re offering something good and beneficial, then the chances are higher.

Use retargeting to get them to sign up and complete the form.  Then, you’re through with the first step.

 2)  Close Deals

In the online world, sales proposals are usually send to visitors, which they’ll sign up and hopefully, come back with a positive result.  You never expect to get them all.  Retargeting can be utilized by reminding them about your sales proposal.

Since you already know their email address, the retargeting act can get on its way like using banner display retargeting.

3)  Upsell/ Cross- sell

When a customer buys your product, the possibility for him to upsell or do cross selling is there.

It’s like when someone buys a nice running shoes, they’d probably look for a running short after some time.

When doing it online, you can cookie them with different tags once they get to your “thank you page”.  Retargeting them gives chances for upselling.

4)  Referral or Viral Marketing

Having huge numbers of referrals is a good sign your business is on its way to making it big.  Set up a smooth referral process, but if you still haven’t made one, then retargeting customers just to get referrals is a good strategy.  Extra caution must be exercised because you might be annoying them.

There’s a better way of doing this, without getting your customer on the spot and with less pressure.  Send a link that courteously ask them for a little referral.  Do this for those who have tried your product.  Then, stop after they granted you the referrals.  It’s time to work your way again with another potential customer.




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