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4 Ways to Not Just Improve, But SuperCharge Your Retargeting

In today’s marketing, one of the most popular–and most effective–marketing tactics used is retargeting. Retargeting, if you’ve never heard of the term is a form of targeted online advertising where consumers are advertised to based on previous internet actions that did not result in a sale.

The goal is to remind the consumer about the product that they didn’t purchase at first so that they complete the transaction. Retargeting can be difficult to put into place but if you follow a few small tips you’ll be able to make a difference in your advertising campaigns.

Test Different Ad Sizes

One way to improve your retargeting is to use different ad sizes. In fact, some websites will only support a few different ad sizes. While others will only place ads in certain locations. Regardless of this you need to figure out what ad size do your customers typically respond to in a positive manner.

There are a few different sizes and often you can look up the Guide to Ad Sizes for your chosen targeted advertising agency to see what has typically done well for them in the past.

Segment Your Audience

Knowing how to retarget to maximum efficiency will involve you going through your advertising analytics to see what exactly works best for you. This will allow you to understand completely how to target customers based on their actions on your website. For example, if you have a clothing website, you’ll want to target your ads differently depending on what they looked at on your website.

You don’t want to serve up advertisements of dresses to people who were searching for men’s suits. By segmenting your audience you’ll be able to display more relevant ads to your consumers, and studies have shown that people prefer ads that are relevant to them.

Be Specific With Your Copy

When retargeting you’ll want to make sure that the advertising copy that you serve to your customers is relevant to their search and specific to their needs. Like in the last example when you are trying to sell your customers men’s suits.

You’ll want their ads to show a picture of a men’s suit with a specific call to action, maybe something like, “Need Help Finding the Right Suit.” This will allow them to see the information that they need to finally take the plunge and buy the suits that you are selling. Maybe you can even serve up ads for that same suit to them. The more specific the ad the more likely they are to perform the action that you wanted.

Block Sites that Don’t Perform Well

Maybe your advertisements on the surfing aficionados page isn’t working well. Maybe that’s because people that are looking to talk about surfing aren’t thinking about buying a suit. So it would be best to make sure that you aren’t paying for ad space that isn’t working to your advantage. If you clean up these types of sites, or sites with low conversion rates, you’ll be able to lower your advertising costs and that will make a difference.



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