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5 Best Tips on How to Stay in control on your Social Media Accounts


People are all over in social media nowadays and it can become so overpowering. Every day, people get to spend all their time read messages, checking for notifications and replying to comments, especially for those who are in social media marketing.  It’s a task that never ends and it simply can get excessively.

While you have made many social media accounts, contents can get into you all at once and it can appear to be difficult to remain focused of everything. In any case, it doesn’t need to be this way. Make some keen and wise steps by arranging and turning into a little clever with social media marketing.

Check out these useful best tips to get you remains in control while managing your social media:

  1. Tidying up your social media accounts

When checking out your accounts you usually found on social media feeds that are not related to your business. At that point it is the ideal opportunity to remove these things and tidy up. While unfriending and unfollowing can be unpleasant, yet it is important to keeping up your online networking. Removing some of the accounts that are not related to your business will free up the space for more significant associations.

To help you more on these, Tweepi is an online that can help you see account that follow you back as well as accounts that are not active. Another site is Crowdfireapp, which can also easily detect twitter and Instagram users who are not following you back. It will let you unfollow in mass with one button.

  1. Recognize influencers

Since you’ve tidied up, start finding more accounts or influencers that are pertinent to you. Looking for these people can be more challenging, however, websites like Twitter search, Smash Fuse, Sprout Social and Social Mention will help you discover your targets.

Through Twitter search, find keywords and hashtags or users who can follow you back. Simply sort in keywords, which is connected to your business and recommendations, will begin to appear. While, Sprout Social, Social Mention, and SmashFuse will also help you find influential individuals in your field for more connections.

  1. Make schedule of your social media posts

Through scheduling, your post will appear at traffic times, spare heaps of time, as well as get more engagement with audiences. For this task, Hootsuite and Buffer can help you assign post on the right time, such as Facebook, Tweets, Google+ and Linkedin posts. Make plans of your posts and post them at your chosen scheduled times.

  1. Make limits

Social media is truly an addictive activity. While you’re checking your social media feeds, you don’t realized the time you have spent looking on your phone. Defining you limits can get your day more productive. Set your limit on each social media platform you use through timer. When you reach your limit, you can get back on you everyday activity.

  1. Take a brief rest

Managing social media can also drain your energy. Make time to rest from social media, and require some serious energy to reestablish, revive, and return invigorated.


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