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5 Facebook Marketing “Tips” and “Tricks” That Don’t Actually Work

People are willing to go through all sorts of length just to capture an attention from a small subset of Facebook’s 1.23 billion of monthly active users. Sometimes it’s good — people focus on creating more compelling content or involving Facebook with the rest of their marketing strategies. Despite it takes more time , their Facebook Page grows steadily and actually delivers results.

In some other times people want to take the “easiest” way out. They hear of some hacking techniques that got one company a thousand of followers, views,and comments in just a single day and thought that they should be doing the same.

But there are these little evidence to support that these “tips” really works. They’re just like ads claiming 20 pounds in just a week. Bonus; some of these “hacking tips” could end up decreasing your Facebook performance.

So if you are gonna spend time on Facebook to build your business, just stay away of the “tips” that could just do you more harm than good. Or just do nothing at all.

1) Including a Link in the First Comment

About a year ago this was a pretty popular myth. According to folks that including a link to your content in the first comment instead of in the post itself would higher the chance of appearing in the News Feed because a photo- only or text-only post will perform better than those that comes with a link.

But this isn’t exactly true as a matter of fact Facebook’s algorithm has benn promoting posts that comes with a links with them in the past. Only a few people have seen such anecdotal evidences that this really works– and maybe some haven’t even seen anything affected at all.

2) Auto-Posting Tweets to Facebook

When you are a newbie on Facebook or Twitter you may hear that it’s best just to sync up your accounts to automatically cross-publish your content. Every time that you post something on Facebook it will be also posted on your Twitter a account and vice versa.

3) Buying Fans and Followers

This is unfortunately one of the commonly used tricks used by people in order to “build a following”on Facebook. If by doing this so you will see such increase in your followers.
But if you entered Facebook to do others stuff besides getting more people to like you this is such a technique to ignore.

4) Tagging Irrelevant People in Your Photos

When someone has been tagged in photo on Facebook they will get notified or simply they’ll get a notification that says so… Some people suggest doing this in order to get random people to notice your brand.
This is probably a trick that spammers have used in the past and people are pretty clever to this trick now. Unless you are tagging someone that is actually in the photo.

5) Tagging Other Brands
Just recently, Facebook updated their News Feed algorithm to reward brands tagging other brands in their specific posts– but it doesn’t necessarily means that you should begin tagging brands in every single post that you do. Facebook will surface content to Fans of tagged pages if it is performing really well in general and/or you also like the other pages. Thius tactic should only be used if the post is relevant to both brands

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