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5 Retargeting Tricks that You Never Heard About

You have seen ads that keep going back to you no matter how many times you have ignored them. More likely you have given them your time after several attempts of getting your attention, because you felt that it was truly meant for you. Maybe you have purchased after all. This is called retargeting and this is why if you are an online retailer, you need to do this in your marketing strategies.  There’s a 70% chance that retargeted visitors will buy eventually.

Retargeting could grow your audience and conversion rates if you know how do it well. Otherwise you are just bothering people. To do this, here are 5 schemes that are best used to bring value to your target customers’ lives versus adding problems to it.

Segment Your Targets And Ads

The pages that your prospective customers access vary each time. Knowing these lets you send them to the applicable landing page and information versus sending everybody to a generic home page. A visitor who is looking for a bag should not be sent to the shoes page, so capture these data and give them exactly what they need to increase your conversion probabilities.

Incorporate Conventional Marketing Tricks

Not all old-school marketing steps are out dated. Some of them work well as a reinforcement to your retargeting tactics such as social proof where you mention the number of people that are already patronizing your products, and why they should, too. It brings a certain sense of mystery that they want to unfold right there and then that may lead to a purchase.

Use Various Platforms

Facebook, Bing, Google and other companies offer retargeting services and you would do well contracting more than one to reach a wider audience. These companies also deploy different types of retargeting programs and one could be better than the other so seeing how a couple of them work and seeing the results could prove beneficial for your revenues instead of placing all your eggs in one basket.

Sell More

Most probably, you have sold products already and you have a good pool of existing customers. Don’t alienate them in your retargeting audience- reach out to them to sell your other products through up-selling and cross-selling because you’ll never know what else they need. They may not be aware that you have a matching flat iron for their red fridge so include them in your retargeting efforts and re-introduce them to the rest of your products.

Always Test

A/B Testing is another old-school tactic that never fails to provide data that’s helpful for boosting your marketing efforts and reducing unnecessary use of resources. Always allocate time to test all your retargeting campaigns so you could pick the ones that get the best response and return.

Although retargeting is new, combining it with traditional marketing styles and knowing your targets could mean a whole lot to your conversion numbers. Eventually you will ace this retargeting know-how by continuously learning through your implementations and analyzing the results of each campaign that you roll out.

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