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5 Simple Steps to Selecting the Right Topic for Your eBook or Digital Product

Have you decided to write your first eBook or your first digital product? Or have you decided now is the time to write the next one continuing your business growth. But first of course you have to decide what your topic is.

There are 2 camps which you are most likely to fall into. The first one is where you ned much more ideas and clarity about your project. The second one is when you a ton of ideas but aren’t sure which one to pursue.

If you ever fell into camp 1-well maybe you will need more ideas about what to write. You may like the idea of writing an eBook but have you ever wondered if you have enough expertise. You may be asking questions like…

“How do I really know it’s the right one?”
“How do I make it stand out from everyone else’s eBooks on the same subject?”
“What is the right topic?”
“Will it be good enough?”
“What could I write about?”
“Will my clients like it?”

Or maybe you fell at the second camp,which is all about too much ideas. You may feel really frustrated facing so much ideas without even knowing which one you should pick.
You ask yourself questions like..

How do I choose?
Which one do I make real?
Which one is the right project?

Here is a quick overview of the 5-Step Method for Selecting the Right Topic for Your Book or Digital Product:

#1: Dig Into Your Treasure Chest of Unique Gifts

If you’re not really feeling confident on what to put into your digital project, then you should start with some personal discovery. By excavating your own treasure chest of your unique gifts or lets just simply say dig in into your own experiences, talents, passions, and gifts that you’re sure could give you all the confidence and creativity you need.

I can assure that no one out there in the world who has such nique blend of knowledge skills, perspective, real experiences and resources. And there’s so much people out there waiting to hear it from you!

#2: What Do Your Clients Ask You For?
Now its time for a little external research it’s easier than what you think it could be you just have to find out what your clients look for most or they kept asking over and over again or know what information they want to have from you.

#3: Brainstorm Project Ideas

Capture all your potential project ideas. Start the ideation flowing by creating mind map. Jot down all the potential projects swirling around in your head .. C ideas that just suddenly pops up into your imagination while discovering your treasure chest of gifts .

#4: Identify Your Business Goals
Try to answer this question “ what are my top 3 business goals for the next 90 days?” notice i didnt say “ what are your top busines goals?” everybody has all of these as their goals .you just have to narrow into 3 priorities for now.

#5: Your Project Sweet Spot

It is your best project that will have alot of enthusiasm and energy behind it and it meets all your present business priorities. If theres a tie choose the one you are most excited and passionate about. And it will be the one that is most likely to get completed and you wont be loosing interest to.

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