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5 Steps to Increase Site Traffic Through Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is undoubtedly a great tool for companies promoting products and services online.  It is also an easy way to gain traffic to blogs and news sites.  Creating a banner advertisement isn’t the easiest thing to do however.  So, how do you create a successful banner advertisement that pulls in loads of the correct target audience.  Well, listen up, because you are about to learn 5 simple steps to increase site traffic through banner advertising.

Step One:

What is your niche?  In other words, what is your site selling, saying, or advertising?  Now, go to your favorite search engine.  Any search engine, Yahoo, Google, Bing, or any other will do.  Specifically type in the title of your niche and then the word blog.

For example, “yarn + blog” or “politics + blog”.  Jot down the top ten or twenty sites (not too many or too few, it depends on your niche).  Put a check mark next to the ones that have ad banners, and a second check mark next to the ones you think are worth a second look.

Step Two:

Now it’s time to investigate the sites with ad banners.  There should be one check mark next to the sites with banners, and out of those, a second check mark next to the sites you actually liked.  You are going to go to a traffic impressions estimator site.

For this article we are going to use, www.trafficestimate.com/alexa.com.  Check all of the check marked sites, regardless of whether or not you liked them.  Which ones had the most traffic?  Indicate those sites with a star.

Step Three:

Look up the names of the sites you liked, and the ones with the most traffic.  Your goal is to see what kinds of banners they have on their site.  Find out what is allowed.  Do they allow animation?  What about banner content?

Double check the audience as well.  If the target audience of their site isn’t your target audience, scratch that site off of the list.  Your goal during this step is to scratch as many names off of the list, and to find out what type of banner you would like and/or should have.

Step Four:

Once you have shortened your list as much as you can, go back to each site again.  Check for the contact email.  Email the company and let them know about your decision to possibly utilize their site as a home for your advertising banner.  Ask them how much they would charge you and let them know your return contact phone number.  Once you’ve spoken with them, take a couple days to think it over their offer.

Step Five:

Once you have decided which site you would like to try first, contact them again and set up a short trial, no more than a week.  If you like your results, attempt a month long contract.  If you are not happy with your experience, cancel.  Do not waste your money if you’ve received no results!  Be sure to continue keeping track of the amount of impressions received.

Once you know that the site your working with is providing good service, and your site traffic is increasing, consider a monthly contract of auto pay.  Sometimes that will decrease the cost per 1000 impressions.

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