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7 Tips For Getting More Followers and Likes On Instagram

Finding tips on how to get more followers and Likes on Instagram?

Weve got some advice for you — as a matter of fact, it’s a motherlode Instagram tips! So lets get started!!

1. By posting at the right time you can see much positive results to your post. So before you post your picture in Instagram you must keep in mind these two main things; first, your audience’s time zone and the second one is to know what time they are often checking on their Instagram accounts. According to analytics company simply measured, the best time to post on Instagram is on the day of Wednesday’s and between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

For brands, the least favorable time to post is in the middle of the night because an Instagram photo typically has a life of only around 4 hours before it gets buried in followers’ feeds.

2. Depending on the industry that you’re in, you can use some popular hashtags. There are some popular hashtags on Instagram that can be used to get more visibility on your photos. The very best way to unleash popular hashtags for your industry to use. And of course Google! Whats an easier way to find something? Just search it on Google.

Use your photo captions to ask some questions: one of the best ways to get likes on your Instagram photos is to simply use your photo’s caption to ask some questions. This is a method to drive not only likes but also comments from your audience.

4.Hosting a contest on Instagram is often the most effective way to boost your engagement and get new followers fast in any social network. Since Instagram has grown rapidly in popularity it makes it one of the best platforms to run a contest especially a photo-vote contest. So start hosting a contest now!.

5. Share some teasers: for product-based businesses, upload photos to Instagram that feature some teasers of a soon-to-be-released product or such an exciting event that is just around the corner.

6.Think of your brands Instagram account as your followers backstage pass or a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of your company so share some candid shots of yours. People dont wanna see the same highly polished photos used to adverts they want to see images that are more relatable and less edited.
Your Instagram account should always strive to highlight your employees and the work they do . Even if your business is including a hundreds of people working , featuring some faces from behind the brand allows your brand to appear much more transparent and interesting with your followers.

7. Use some apps: use photo editing apps in particular situations yo enhance your photos before you go out and share it with your followers. There are lots of editing apps on the market that could help you get the very best out of your photos.

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