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70%+ of Your Ad’s Success Depends on Design

“Creative is about 70% to 80% of the effectiveness of advertising.”

So says Jon Gibs from Nielson Online in a recent eMarketer report. Your banner’s design (or creative) is the most critical element of your banner’s success, and should not be neglected.

As a matter of fact, a bad banner can actually be more damaging than no banner at all.

A study from Dynamic Logic showed that the bottom 20% of online ad campaigns actually reduced opinions among Internet users for a brand, with purchase intent going down 4.1% with a bad campaign.

So that’s why it’s critically important that you get your banner’s design right!

We’ve already covered many important design points, but here’s an additional list profit-producing banner design tips:

  • Colors. Try to use bright colors such as blue green yellow in your banner.
  • Too much text. I see this mistake constantly. Be careful not to overcrowd your banner, otherwise no one will read it. Remember; sell the click, not the product.
  • Small text. You don’t want to give anybody a reason not to read your banner (and click on it.) Making someone squint just to see what you have to say is not good banner practice! Use text as big as you can…
  • Animation length. Beware that some ad networks will require that your animated banner becomes static after a certain amount of time (e.g. in Google Adwords it must stop after 30 seconds.)
  • Cheap clip art. Most people can easily tell the difference between professional and cheap graphics. Don’t be lured by free clip art as you often end up paying more in the end (in reduced click-through rate and conversions.) Also, if you’re hiring a freelancer, please make sure they’re not using low-quality or free clip art.
  • Don’t use your print ad. There’s a world of difference between the display ads you see in the newspaper and online banner ads! Baring a minor miracle, simply putting up a print ad online will not work.
  • No more than 2 fonts. While you want to draw attention, using too many different font sizes is actually quite confusing to readers, which doesn’t bode well for banner clicks! Keep your design simple, always.
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