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A Quick Review On Banner Ads

For those of you not familiar with banners, here’s a quick overview.

A Banner (also know as  web banners or banner ads or image ad or display ad) is simply an online image that advertises something on a webpage. Every time someone clicks on a banner, they are brought to an advertiser’s website. Here are a few examples of what typical banners look like:

Banner ad banner ad

banner ad 728x90

banner ad 468x60

As you can see, banners come in many different sizes. For a full list of sizes, check out Banner Ad Sizes , or check out our banner ads portfolio

How do I get a banner?

Most people prefer to outsource their banner’s design to an experienced web banner designer or firm. Others prefer to design their banners themselves.

Where can I put my banner?

There are many options, but 3 of the most common ones are:

  1. Place your banner in a banner ad network like Google Adwords or www.buysellads.com.
  2. Contact the websites you want to advertise on and ask them if they offer an advertising program.
  3. Start your own affiliate program. This way, your affiliates can use your banners to drive traffic directly to your website for free!

How much does it cost to advertise my banner?

Ad costs depend on a number of factors, such as the website you’re advertising on, the size of your banner, etc.

Some sites run by enthusiasts ( such as a personal blog) will accept your advertising for a fixed monthly/yearly price, while Ad Networks charge based on various metrics.

The first thing you should know about costs is that they are calculated in 2 main ways:

  • CPM – This stands for cost per mille and represents what you’ll pay for 1,000 “impressions” of your banner on a given site. (Sometimes also referred to as eCPM, estimated CPM.)
  • CPC – This stands for cost per click and represents what you pay each time someone clicks on your banner.

With CPC you pay only for the traffic you get, while for CPM you also pay for people who don’t click on your banner. Some ad networks offer you the choice to decide whether you want to pay via CPM or CPC, while others only offer you one option. Here’s a snapshot of what a typical “rate card” looks like on AdToll.com:

Here you can see that the cost of a 468×60 sized banner on the website Tips Weightloss for a week is $4.16. Based on previous website history, this should get you approximately 210 clicks (for a CPC of ~$0.02.)

How do I measure my banner’s “success”?

Banner success is usually defined in terms of CTR or Click-Through Rate. This represents the number of clicks a banner gets per 100 impressions. A CTR of 1% means that your banner gets clicked on once per 100 impressions.


Disclaimer: All banner examples shown in our posts are our own work created for our clients.

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