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Ad Rotation: The Only Way To Defeat Banner Blindness!

Eventually, your results will begin to sag.

Not to worry! This is natural and happens because of a phenomenon called “banner blindness” (when your prospects tune out your banner because they’ve seen it so often.)

Statistics show that this typically happens after someone sees a banner ~4 times. So what do you to defeat banner blindness? Switch them up!

When results start to lag, rotate (change) your banner. Try a different approach, a different look. If you had an ad that blended in with the site before, now try one that stands out like a sore thumb.

Just because results start to fall off, it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up and go home.

Most prospects need to be exposed to a company 7 times before they decide to purchase their product (and Microsoft’s Atlas Institute found that in the 90 days leading up to a sale, customers saw an average of 18 ads.) So you need to constantly stay “out there.” Instead of packing it up, rotate your banner with something new. That’s why I typically recommend people start with 5 banners or more (hence my banner starter pack.)

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Tuan Nguyen

Customer support and project management at 20dollarbanners.com.

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  • […] Ad rotation is something that is very necessary if you want to keep your target audience interested. If you keep using the same ad, one that is working it will eventually stop working because everyone will have seen it. Likewise if you use an ad that is not working it will be ignored. This is why boring ads must be creative and they must be rotated to ensure that your target audience is seeing something as if it were new. […]


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