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How Does Article Marketing Compare To Pay Per Click Advertisement?

For many years now, there has been a heated debate on many online forums, as to which of the two advertisement methods is the best. Some professionals will tell you that article marketing is the best while others advocate for pay per click advertisements. Pay per click (PPC) is a paid marketing option, in which...Read More

How to Succeed in Realtor Banner Advertising

The main ideas behind realtor banner advertising is placing your advertisement on high traffic websites and getting visitors to such websites to click on the advertisement. The advertisements are usually small in size and can take various shapes. To have your banner advertisement displayed on a particular site, you will need to pay the website...Read More

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that has been in use for some years now. It is among the most effective marketing methods in use today. If a web user visits your website, an anonymous browser cookie is dropped on him or her. Afterwards, the cookie will track the user’s activities on the internet and prompt...Read More

The Three Retargeting Strategies Many Retailers Overlook

Retailers need to have a retargeting campaign to be able to acquire new customers and reach out again to existing clients. William Gibson once quoted “the future is already here- it is just not evenly distributed.” The quote could apply to digital marketing where everything is ever revolving AND evolving. In the retailer business world...Read More

4 Top Secret Retargeting Techniques Revealed

For every online marketer, retargeting involves all activities necessary to nail a potential customer down.  It means converting them to become your client/ customer. The marketing concept is composed of different phases.  It’s like a funnel where  the top is wide and going down, it slowly narrows.  The top is where you make your marketing...Read More

Things to Consider Before Paying for an Internet Ad

Paid advertising and marketing provides a great way in bringing more traffic to your website.  It can increase viewership and gives your business the much needed kick for it to be noticed and eventually rise.  However, it can prove costly if you are not careful.  Let’s take a look on how you can maximize and...Read More

The Subtle PPC Tricks That Many People Don’t Know

The most single effective way of internet marketing is the use of pay-per-click (ppc).The PPC management is a program that enables the website owners to have their website listed and ranked with a decent rank page on the search engine. But beware. While the benefits are numerous, improper PPC management can become costly. Here are...Read More