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Create Effective Remarketing Campaigns with Twitter Ads

In June of 2014 Twitter announced that it was unveiling the ability for marketers to create their own remarketing campaigns using the Twitter Ads interface. Remarketing, or retargeting, is the process of marketing to a customer who previously searched for but did not complete their purchase in the effort to get them to follow through...Read More

4 Ways to Not Just Improve, But SuperCharge Your Retargeting

In today’s marketing, one of the most popular–and most effective–marketing tactics used is retargeting. Retargeting, if you’ve never heard of the term is a form of targeted online advertising where consumers are advertised to based on previous internet actions that did not result in a sale. The goal is to remind the consumer about the...Read More

Why You Should Be Retargeting Using Facebook

Without a doubt, Facebook is now a giant in advertising. As it was once all about the Google Ads, the real place to be, for advertising, is Facebook. So, what is so great about retargeting customers using Facebook ads? For one, it is one of the top performing campaigns. Also, Facebook ad campaigns also have...Read More

How Banner Advertising Effects Internet Purchasing

We’ve all seen image or display adds on a website. They’re called banner ads and they found just about everywhere online. You cannot go anywhere online without seeing them. Facebook and Google are some of the most prolific users of these types of ads. Banner ads are very successful at directing action on the part...Read More

5 Top Tips for Writing an Informative Advertisement

Advertisement enables entrepreneurs to compete for the attention of buyers effectively . Having a failed advertising strategy is unfavorable for business since they lose potential customers and profits. Advertisement can either improve or harm your marketing campaign in a dramatic way. To succeed in business, planning your advertisement is essential. Choose the Right Media Traditional,...Read More

5 Retargeting Tricks that You Never Heard About

You have seen ads that keep going back to you no matter how many times you have ignored them. More likely you have given them your time after several attempts of getting your attention, because you felt that it was truly meant for you. Maybe you have purchased after all. This is called retargeting and...Read More

The Secret to Selecting Websites for Your Ad Campaigns

When it comes to efficiently targeting your intended customers, selecting certain for website for your ad campaigns tops the list of the things you must do. You don’t have to be a genius to know that websites are done in a way where specific audience are targeted and using ad campaigns as branding tools for...Read More

Online Banner Fundamentals–The Un-Neglectable Elements

Advertising on the web is old and new at the same time- old in a sense that many e-Commerce companies have been taking advantage of this medium for quite some time now. In a way, it is still new because there are still many businesses that don’t invest in this due to many factors. There...Read More

How to Get More Bang For Your Advertising Buck

Contrary to what the majority believes, advertising is not as difficult as people tend to assume. Though you will have to put a lot of work to make it a success, it sure is worth it. There are many ways to get your product or service known. All you have to do is find out which one...Read More