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The 5 Online Advertising Mistakes To Steer Clear Of

Businesses are in a constant need for market differentiation and a wide customer base in order to keep the business afloat. Hence there has been a demand for marketing and advertising in order to communicate brand messages to target audiences and influence purchase. The digital age has opened opportunities for business advertising, however, most advertisers...Read More

How Viewability Can Be Viewed As A New Metric For Display Advertising

Banner ads are being frowned upon by many, with most writers and advertisers looking at click-through-rates (CTR) as main metric. However, rather than making use of absurd statistics, there is now a more apt metric in the digital ad landscape known as “viewability.” The dilemma lies in the fact that CTR shouldn’t be the main...Read More

The Three Types of Banner Ads You Should Know About

One of the factors that make an online business effective is a banner advertisement. It helps in increasing the traffic on websites or blogs. It also helps in generating sales without having to invest a lot. What is a banner advertisement? Also known as Web banner, it is rectangular graphic display across the top, bottom,...Read More

Yahoo! and Google Raises Ad Viewability Standard

Set to raise the bar for online advertising, Yahoo! has joined the fray for setting higher standards with their product Prime View.  It guarantees advertisers 100% viewability of ads with site visitors. According to ComScore 54% of ads are not seen by visitors.  This made the advertisers scrambling and ad viewability is a big issue...Read More