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Banner Ad Exchange

Banner ads can be a great way to promote your business or product. A well-designed ad, prominently placed on websites, can reach a potentially massive customer base. But there are other ways of doing this and what some advertisers opt for is a banner ad exchange program.

A banner ad exchange is a network you can join to help promote your website by sharing banners. Before considering this route there are some issues to consider. These exchange programs operate by posting a banner ad on another side after you’ve posted a certain number on your own. You need to post more than one banner for every ad posted on the second site. But this is how the banner ad exchange manages to make a profit. They have more spaces for adverts than they require for the members of their network – the surplus space is made available for advertisers.

The way this arrangement works practically is that the exchange will provide each advertiser with a piece of HTML for each banner design. Once this unique code is posted, it will instruct a visitor’s browser to call up a banner ad directly from the network’s main server. Where this become a more powerful form of advertising than simply posting singular banner ads is the dynamic nature of this exchange HTML. This code will enable the exchange network server to manage which banner ads are being displayed on which sites. The performance of banners ads can be monitored in real-time and this information allows the network complete flexibility in deciding which sites to pair up with which advertisers.

One aspect of banner ad exchanges that customers are drawn to is because it’s a way to get other sites to post your adverts that is free. This has to be countered with the loss of control over the websites that are posting your ads; and the ads that get posted on your site. The banner exchange program chooses where the members’ ads get posted. While the network will try and link banner ads to the most relevant sites, that won’t always be the case.

If you’ve decided you’d like to join a banner ad exchange, what are the steps? There are many to choose from, some of the common examples being SmartClicks, LinkExchange or LinkBuddies. Each site will have its own registration procedure, with different attributes concerning how the exchange works within each network. A good tip is to shop around first. You’ll get a hint of what certain networks have to offer over others. Some are focussed on placing banners ads as effectively as possible. Others are concerned with websites dedicated to specific subject areas.

While there is no joining fee, the 2:1 exchange ratio is bettered by some exchange networks for a small charge. Some networks have more stringent rules about how their exchange programs work – such as requiring a click-through rate of at least 0.0005%. IP addresses are recorded from every banner interaction – repetitive refreshing will result in suspension.

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