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Banner Secret #3: Testing. Serious Marketers Test… and Test OFTEN!

Putting up a banner ad and “letting it ride” is no longer good enough. To get real results today, you need to test, and test often.

Here’s the thing. One can never be quite sure what specific appeal strikes your prospect’s “banner clicking” chords the best, so you need to test different approaches.

Which one will draw most attention? Which one will make them click on your banner? A few simple tests will tell you – based on real results, not guesswork.

Let’s take a look at the following banners from iContact and see what could have been tested…

iContact Banner     iContact Banner

iContact Banner      iContact Banner

Here are a few things they could have determined:

  • Which person’s photo (and location) works best
  • The best location and color for the call to action (with arrow or not)
  • Which headline (and style) has the strongest appeal
  • Where to put the logo

So you see, there are lots of things to test, and this should be done in a systematic fashion by changing only one variable at a time. But the resulting improvements can make it VERY worthwhile… A recent report from MarketingSherpa showed how in one case 36 separate tests produced a banner CTR increase of 50.4%!

So don’t be afraid to test. Not all your banners need to have big images in them too. For example, consider the following banner that’s mostly text:

GFI banner

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