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Best Banner Design

Banner ad designs can be a key income source for websites. So the difference between well-designed banner ads and poorly-designed ads is something you should always be considering. Particularly as this difference could end up costing you lot of money.

At the outset, it would be well worth thinking of paying for a better design job, as the longer-term effects will reap far more benefits than scrimping on design costs prior to commencing your banner ad campaign.

A competent banner designer will be thinking about context a lot. The end product your banner ad is targeting will influence the design concept. Say your banner ad is all about an artistic product; the designer will want to create an ad that is stylish and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. It should blend into the content of the host site logically, achieving a delicate balance between enough prominence to make it stand out as an advert, while remaining sufficiently unobtrusive that it doesn’t irritate customers.

Another good example of best banner design is achieving undue prominence. Take the example of a graphics design company who want to draw customers’ attention to a series of striking front-end web design templates for site developers. Having a banner ad running right across a page top – between the top navigation and the sub-menu bar – is not as outlandish as it sounds. The designer will be working within the parameters of the page, rather than just creating a standalone advert to place somewhere on the page. The large banner ad then becomes an integral part of the page design, drawing customers’ eyes to the message as it is viewed amongst the other elements on that page.

Colour schemes are another important consideration. Designers working with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets will appreciate that there is so much more to colour than just making a site look pleasing to the eye. Colours can impart strong subliminal messages. Have you noticed that a lot of sites about the movie industry or graphic design are less text-heavy and are often dark – white fonts set against dark backgrounds? The ads designed for these web pages will make full use of this bright against black effect. Again, the good designer will be aware of the need to make your ad blend in with the site, or stand out.

What about banner conversion? Another tricky area where its pays to hire a better calibre of designer! While animated GIFs can tell a story, some designers pay too much attention on trying to render images as all-singing, all-dancing, when there’s just no need. Animation for its own sake is simply irritating (and may well induce a phenomenon known in the trade as ‘banner blindness’!)

Ideally, you designer will want to build in a strong call to action. If you entice customers to an ad, many find an actual button irresistible to click. The same goes for the other main form elements – radio buttons, check boxes etc. A good designer will also connect the ad with the landing page in terms of colour scheme.

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