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When It Comes To Banners, Size DOES Matter

The following graph shows the CTR of a few leading banner ad formats.

For a full list of sizes, check out: www.20dollarbanners.com/banner-size

As you can see, 300×250 ads performed best, followed by 728×90 (leaderboard) and 120×600 (skyscraper.)

From a traffic perspective, knowing these figures can make a huge difference in your campaign’s performance (e.g. a 300×250 banner will bring you almost 4 times as many visitors as a 468×60 banner.)

But you also need to consider the cost of each banner as well… For example, if these two banner sizes cost the same, it’s clear then that you should go with the 300×250 option.
However, if the 468×60 banner costs you 7 times less than the 300×250 banner, it’s actually more profitable to go with the 468×60 one (even though you get 4 times less traffic.) Does that make sense? OK, great!

So it really is a case of balancing how much traffic you want with how profitable you want each of your banners to be. Ideally you’ll want to go with the banner size that brings you the most traffic at the cheapest price per click.

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