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Create Effective Remarketing Campaigns with Twitter Ads

In June of 2014 Twitter announced that it was unveiling the ability for marketers to create their own remarketing campaigns using the Twitter Ads interface. Remarketing, or retargeting, is the process of marketing to a customer who previously searched for but did not complete their purchase in the effort to get them to follow through with that purchase.

While marketers had been able to remarket on Twitter in the past, it was usually through a go-between third party partner. Now you can go straight to the source.

Remarketing on Twitter: How it Works 

The first thing you need to know about Twitter remarketing is how it works. And the first step of remaketing on twitter is going to the Twitter Ads User Interface and creating a website tag. The best way to do that is to go to the settings section on your profile page.

This will allow you to go to the Twitter Ads dashboard. The next thing that you need to do is select conversion tracking from the top tool bar. From there you should see Create Your First Website Tag, click that.

What you’ll want to do is to make sure that you choose a descriptive name for your websites tag. Choosing a descriptive name will allow you to easily remember what you created the tag for in the first place when you come back to edit your choices.

Instead of naming it something like “Tag 1” you’ll want to give it a name that will remind you of the tags purpose like “Back to School Purchases”. That will help to jog your memory when you are inevitably trying to remember what you created a certain tag for, it will help to reduce the time you might waste trying to remember.

There are several types of conversions that you can track with the tag. They include: Site Visit, Purchase, Sign Up, Download, or Custom. You can choose custom if you are looking to track an action other than the predefined types. This is an important step to take because your analytics reports on conversions is created by conversion type as opposed to tag.

The next step that you must engage in is making sure that you select a time window for twitter to interact with your ads. One example would be someone favoriting your promoted tweet. You can choose anywhere between 1 and 90 days with certain specified increments.

The most common setting is 14 days.

After you’ve done that make sure that you check out your post-view attribution window. This will make sure that you are able to get insight into conversions you received but weren’t charged an engagement for, the most common setting for this is 1 day after view.

The last step is to generate the code and place it into your website. You place it just before the closing HTML </body> tag. Alternatively you can place it in a container tag or a tag management system, or ask your developer to help you with its implementation. After a few hours, you should be able to check on twitter if your conversion tag is working.

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