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Facebook Tips for Small Local Businesses

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For a small local business, owners turn to Facebook marketing. Example of small business is a hair and beauty salon can make bigger clients through marketing in Facebook. This will give them a great opportunity to introduce their business on new people.

  1. 1. Enthralling Facebook cover photo

Setting up a cover photo is the first thing that Facebook marketers are doing as this will give you a chance to impressed new clients or fans. For example, the Dublin vintage barber shop, Waldorf Barbershop, which offers a classic time experience, aside from their excellent haircut service set their Facebook page with a cover photo that shows what they will experience at the said barber shop. Make use of your cover photo to precisely convey your services and what they will experience when they become a fan.

  1. Tell stories that sell

Truths can precisely tell, while stories can enthrall people. Customers tend to associate in your business, once they can relate on the stories your business tell.  These are the things that you can tell to your fans.

  • Start Building the trust of your fans

Assure your new fans that you have been doing your services for many years and that they would be serve by experts.

  • Give what you have

Share what you have or share donation links or posts regarding charities and donations. You can’t always receive. Business is also all about giving what you have to offer.

  • Introduce your Staff

Start introducing your staff to your fans. Making them your people and team will build a good relationship. You can feature your staffs on you Facebook page one by one.

  1. Hold Contests

Fans always love to join contests, but don’t forget to give them prizes related to your business. Holding contest will increase you fans as they will also invite more people to join. Make the rules for the contest easy, and put call-to-action.

  1. Post regularly on your page

Keeping your post up to date is the most important thing when marketing on social media. Once you stop posting anything on your page, your fans will not soon forget about your page and might join to another one. Make your page active everyday.

  1. Share Trending photos

Research photos or images that is viral and trending. Fans will be have more time view your page and get interact with them.

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