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How Banner Advertising Effects Internet Purchasing

We’ve all seen image or display adds on a website. They’re called banner ads and they found just about everywhere online. You cannot go anywhere online without seeing them. Facebook and Google are some of the most prolific users of these types of ads. Banner ads are very successful at directing action on the part of the consumer making this one of the most successful types of advertising out there today.

What Is a Banner Ad?

We’ve discussed banner ads almost to exhaustion in this blog, but for those who are uninitiated, a banner ad is an online advertisement that will appear on websites or within search result. Advertising on other websites gives companies much needed ad space to help direct traffic to their sites or to buy their goods.

The ads rely heavily on visuals and usually have limited copy writing. If effective the target audience will click on the image or link and that will take them to the landing page or website. Studies performed by Pew Research show that internet advertising can drive purchasing behavior for products from music downloads to real estate.

How Does It Effect Online Purchasing

The obvious goal of a banner ad is to drive customers to performing an action, most likely going on to your website or landing page. And once there you most likely will want your consumers to buy something.

Additionally, because of innovation in web advertising through services like Google Adwords or Facebook ads, you can now choose keyword driven advertising. This advertising will allow customers to see your advertisements when they are searching for a product or story within that category.

How To Drive Purchases

When you are creating your banner ads, the best thing to do is make sure that you follow some of the traditional advertising rules. Use strong headlines, visuals and have an attention getting offer. It is important that you have a clear call to action.

Another thing to remember is that you want the headline and the visuals to work together. By working together they will help you to capture the viewers attention and interest. The offer should convey some type of value to your customer otherwise it will fail to get the results you want.

Banner Ads of the Future

Of course, you will want to know how the internet will change in the future. You want to be on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to ensuring that your advertisements areĀ  effective to getting your customers to perform an action.

In order to do that you need to know what experts see as the future of banner ads. Based on previous history some of the things that have made banner ads effective are things like animation and sound.

Additionally, for the sake of the advertiser, improvement in the way that the advertisement companies, mainly Google and Facebook, have innovated the analysis of your ads makes it easier to ensure that your ad is being as effective as possible. Effective advertising is key to being a success. Knowing all these things will definitely help you to be innovate your advertising campaigns.



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