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How to Advertise Your Banners on Google Adwords

Placing a banner ad in conjunction with your Google Adwords account is a tried and tested method of getting your advert noticed on the web.

First of all, get the banner ad ready – we’ll assume you’ve already got this looking snappy and enticing, as there’s no point going to all the trouble of inserting a mediocre-looking ad! Note – for any banner to be used in Adwords it needs to be under 50KB in size. (We’re also assuming you’ve already set up an Adwords account!)

Within your Adwords page, look for the Adgroup option (at the top of the left-hand column, which is titled Ad Group Name). There are choices for the type of ad you wish to create, text or image. Select ‘create image ad’. This gives you a variety of options for the look of your banner ad. These range from 468 x 60 for a Banner, to 250 x 250 for a Square, to 160 x 600 for a Wide Skyscraper.

Open a Browse window and navigate to your banner design. Name this image. You then add the ‘Display URL’, in other words, the website you wish you ad banner to entice customers into clicking into. Adwords will block certain types of animated images from being uploaded, such as animations containing strobing or flashing effects. Choose the ‘Save Ad’ option.

Your ad banner should now be incorporated under your list of ‘Variations’. The ‘Status’ of the ad will most likely be ‘Not showing’ rather than ‘Active’. You need to do some editing by looking for a link below the banner ad description that states ‘Edit Campaign Settings’.

One of the sub-headings on this page is ‘Networks and bidding’. Within this panel there are options for ‘All network types’, ‘Search’ and ‘Content’. The latter is the one you should be interested in for your banner ad. This is where you can refine where you ad will appear, either in relevant pages across the entire network, or relevant pages only on the placements targeted by you. Finally, ‘Save’ your changes.

You’ll see that the status of your advert has altered to ‘Active’. This means that your banner ad is now going to be seen across the Google network, or those sites specified by you, depending on how you customized your advert under the ‘Networks and bidding’ section.

Google Adwords is excellent for banner ads because you can integrate your adverts with content that you already have in place. Assuming you have some experience of using Adwords in the first place, you should find the customizing aspect of how you arrange the ads to display to be straightforward. Adwords is a relatively simple interface to use – if you are already familiar with using it, even better!

The other key aspect of banners ads being promoted through Adwords is that you can really fine-tune your campaign, using Google’s powerful functionality to make sure your banner ads are achieving maximum expose by being displayed where they’ll be noticed most.

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