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How to use a Web Banner

So you’ve heard all about web banners and would like to find out how to use one? The good news is that banner ads are in common use. They’re tried and tested, they work, and when they work well they can get your message to customer numbers that magazine advertisers can only dream of.
There are some things you’ll need to consider before going any further. Think about your website. Do people really use the internet to buy your products? There are tools out there that can assist you in this basic detective work, sites like KeywordDiscovery.com that will give a picture of how customers search for your product, and where. This will help you decide if there is a definite niche for your banner ads.

Outline a purpose for your ads. This should commonly include – increasing hits to your site, promoting your brand and increasing your product sales.

What you’re selling will have a bearing on what your advert should look like. But another aspect which might have an impact will be your budget. The more involved a banner ad, the costlier it will be. If you’re looking for a static banner containing basic text and a background image, you won’t need to fork out nearly as much as you would employing the services of a Flash banner designer.

Your audience is another key consideration. You might decide you want to use you banner ad to home in on a specific audience. On the other hand, your product might be more appropriate for a general group.

Returning to the subject of budget – you’ll have to decide how worthwhile it’s going to be to deploy banner ads. How many people are liable to see your ad? This can lead to you to other possibilities. There are ad exchanges where you can connect with networks that will provide you with free placements of your ad in exchange for two of your own.

But the key to success is to make your own banners ads stand out from the crowd. Again, this is something you can research. Make a list of competitor sites. Note the websites where the adverts are being hosted. Check out the relevant banners.

You might well be struck by the number of banners that often appear clustered on a particular site, in a variety of shapes and sized and each clamouring for attention. Sometimes designer take an easy way out and adopt the ‘lowest common denominator’ approach, using images of sexy women to sell products. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book – but is ultimately detrimental as there is no relationship between the ad and the product. It is far more effective to try and work on creating a brand. Customers will come back to banners they associate with a strong brand rather than a cheap advertising gimmick (and the fact that 50% of web surfers are females who are just as likely to be irritated by said images is another thing worth remembering!)

There are far more subtle ways to use your banner ads – bright, intelligent layouts will have far better long-term effects.

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