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Is There Ever a Time to Ignore Standard Best Practices for Banner Ads?  Absolutely!  Here are 5 Reasons Why

Banner ads, are without a doubt, the most common form of online advertising.  Of course, the most successful of those ads are based primarily on the level of creativity used in making the ad.  Based on years of developing both online and paper ads, there has been a well known but unspoken list of best practices for developing these ads.  However, is there ever a time that these best practices should be ignored?

These unspoken best practices are great ideas, and often work, but there are times when these rules should be thrown out the window.  After all, there are exceptions to every rule, and here are 5 exceptions to banner advertising. 

  1. Pictures With People Outperform Photos With No People

Of course, ads containing attractive people can often increase site traffic and drum up sales.  That being said, utilizing the wrong photograph, even ones with attractive people can actually dramatically decrease traffic and sales.

The truth is, this is a really tricky option.  It is ultimately more often than not for major name brands of clothing, shoes, and etc. to use photos with people.  On the flip side of that, there have been B2B companies and brands that have had dramatically different results.  Of course, there have also been some B2B companies that have rocked people photos.


It all depends on how well your potential customers relate to the photo that you’ve chosen.  For example, if a plus sized clothing company used a skinny model for their ads, their customers would not be able to relate to the picture.

Ultimately, if you believe the photo is something your customers will relate to, then try it.  If you think they won’t relate, try another option!

  1. Certain Banner Background Colors Promote Action

If there were ever a time to ignore a particular best practice, this is the time.  Many professional designers have stated certain colors will promote viewers to perform a particular action.  According to these professionals, green increases clicks, orange increases action, and red supposedly attracts attention.

Regardless of what you may or may not think, the fact is, with every study that is completed on this topic, the results are never the same.  Sometimes orange produces little action and red will be ignored, while a green background will make people stop and look.

There is no guaranteed formula to why people view what they view.  It is a better idea to stick to your companies brand colors and themes.  Sacrificing your company’s personal identity for a possible increase that can not be guaranteed is not worth it.

  1. Calls To Action Provoke Action

This is a definite truth.  In fact, without a call to action, your ad is doomed to fail, probably.  However, utilizing urgent calls to action is not always a good idea. A red button with the words "Take action" on it

Often, designers will suggest that companies always use an urgent call.  In some cases, this will actually deter a possible customer.  Depending on the product or service, you may want to use something less demanding, such as, “learn more”.

  1. CTR Is The Only Needed Metric

Tracking clicks or traffic is important, however, when the goal is conversion or branding.  Traffic is not the metric that matters most, in fact, CTR would be the least necessary.

When focusing on conversion or branding the best options are share of conversation and branded search.  These metrics allow for you to see search for your brand vs simply traffic to the site.

  1. Flash Drives Sales, Static Does Not

It is a true fact that based solely on CTR flash out performs static.  However, when sales are the goal, which is the point of your business, flash has not been shown to outperform static.




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