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More Twitter Tips

Most recently it’s still too soon to call the demise of Twitter, and I feel as though they continue to make updates that aren’t enhancing nor strengthening the platform or simply not useful. When you look at Twitter’s traffic across key measurement sites you cannot ever imagine why and it appears that it could be having an adverse impact on overall engagement.

Let’s see the good stuff! And enough complaining. While Facebook may be the conversation online . The wealth of real-time data on Twitter unparalleled online, but in my opinion Twitter continues to be the heartbeat. Unlike Twitter, Facebook highlights and filters the majority of data so usage and engagement are severely skewed.

What Makes Twitter Different

What continues to fly by is the stream of data of Twitter. It continues to rapid the stream even though you follow more accounts. Unlike any other its unfiltered, not targeted, and always visible …. The best thing is that the accounts you wish to speak to are approachable not like any other social media platforms.

Get Started with Twitter

  1. Signup- not all the great handles are taken; and were always surprised that were still has the capacity to find accurate handles for your clients. With a brand promotions are a bit more expected than on the personal accounts where you might just irritate folks trying to follow you so I highly recommend having both a personal account and a corporate account rather than overlapping the two.
  2. Set Up Your Profile – be sure to add a photo of yourself for your personal account and a logo for your company. Because you don’t expect somebody to trust or follow an egg icon. Find a beautiful background image that will capture peoples’ interests better yet personalize your account so it would look more interesting than that of the others.
  3. Keep your Bio short and sweet! It isn’t very compelling to try stuffs URLs, hashtags, other accounts abbreviated descriptions. What’s your expertise and what makes you unique? Put them in your bio and folks will find and follow you through searches and that’s my tip.

Download the Twitter Apps

There’s a native Twitter application waiting for you whether you’re on desktop, smartphone or a tablet. Download and get started with TweetDeck if you want to go all out.

Time to Tweet

  • Tweets-expanding the character count of tweets beyond 140 characters it was what Twitter has chatted about. Much of the art and attraction of Twitter is the quick consumption of a well-devised tweet .. I sure hope not. It takes practice and some thought just like writing a haiku. Doing it so will attract folks will share and follow.
  • Use Hashtags– by selecting at least one hashtag might double your engagement much better if two. You might be found Twitter users researching the platform if you use effective hashtags.

Grow Your Twitter Reach

  • Look for your industry’s leaders on Twitter and follow them share their content, and engage with them when you can add value to the conversation.
  • Having a Twitter account is better than using other social media accounts because it is one of the best sites wherein you could give or express your own opinions, suggestions and feelings.


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