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Online Banner Fundamentals–The Un-Neglectable Elements

Advertising on the web is old and new at the same time- old in a sense that many e-Commerce companies have been taking advantage of this medium for quite some time now. In a way, it is still new because there are still many businesses that don’t invest in this due to many factors. There is still plenty of learning that can be had in this especially for those who are just about to dive into the online banner promotion.

While many ventures reap the revenue that result from an effective web banner strategy, it is good to acknowledge why there is still some hesitation on this. Then we shall enlist the fundamental elements to an online banner scheme that works.

There are almost 3 billion internet users in the world as of 2014 which is the number of prospects that can see your product online. The rest of the 4 billion of the world’s population is yet to discover the world of the web, who still rely on tv and print advertising for consumer product awareness. And because online banners are known to be annoying, traditional advertising channels such as billboards and tv ads are still in circulation.

The following are the essential principles towards an online banner tactic that could shoot your traffic and revenue numbers through the roof:

Set Goals And Target Your Audience

determine what your banner goal is and come up with your target audience based on that. The rest of your banner decisions will be dictated by these including the tone and direction.

Call To Action

 include a Call to Action in your banner to let them know what exactly you want them to do. It could be “Visit our website”, “Shop Now”, etc. NO matter what it is, showcase so that viewers know where to go.

Design With Colors That Matter

Use colors that catch people’s attention while staying aligned with your brand and campaign message. Especially if the goal is brand awareness, the colors that you present leave an impact to the potential customers’ minds when they are distinct and represent your product.

Showcase And Highlight What’s Essential

the important information on your banner such as your brand name, website, contact information and the like are the things that you want people to remember so underline or make them bold to make them pop out and easily remembered. This way people would know easily where to see your products without having to reference anything else.

Simplicity Is Key

Let’s admit it, online banners are irritating and even without reading it, within our periphery we could tell if it’s an ad that’s trying to sell us something. The blinking ones are especially annoying- and people have mastered the art of hitting the exit button without giving it the time of day. To make yours credible and trustworthy, keep it short and simple. People are more likely to allot time for your brand when they see that you’re not desperate and that you have a sincere story to tell behind the brand.

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