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Banner Sercret #1: Sell The Click, NOT The Product!

Advertisers commonly try to sell their product on their banner.

Bad idea.

Why? Well, because banners are a very impulsive decision. No one goes to a site “looking” to click on a banner, much less be sold! What you’re trying to do is generate enough curiosity on your banner to get people to click on it to find out more (which is your landing page’s job!)

OK, so let’s take a look at the banner below:

What do you think? Good or bad?

Well, in this case, I’d have to say bad. Too much text, too much information, too little curiosity. The whole story’s been told, giving the reader no reason to click on it at all (even though the desired result here is not a click, the principle holds true…)

They’re selling the product, not the click.

Now in all fairness to this website, this ad could potentially work on certain limited sites like one that sells cruises, but would fall flat almost anywhere else.

Here’s a good example of curiosity…Take a look at the banner below.

Now if you want to tone up your belly, do you think you would click on that banner to find out what it was all about? Of course you would! Because it creates curiosity, doesn’t tell you too much, and sells you on the click, not on the product.

Remember,  a banner’s one and only job is to drive clicks. Sales, lead capture and any type of conversions is your landing page’s job.

Does that make sense? Great!

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Tuan Nguyen

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