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Seven Easy Steps To Follow To Secure Your Safety On Facebook

The world online can be more hazardous these days. In some way or another, we trust that online social media such as Facebook, secure us from any harm. However, it is far from the reality – we are in charge of our own behavior and we have to figure out how to secure ourselves. Here are the seven tips to do that.

  1. Conceal yourself from people in general

Numerous individuals think they are already invisible, however on the off chance that you didn’t make changes on the settings in various categories, your information will still be seen by anyone. This is particularly critical for kids with Facebook accounts.


Secure yourself by click Account > Privacy settings > Profile data. Change your privacy settings for each of the 12 categories. At that point click Back to Privacy > Contact data. Then, set your protection settings for each of the 9 classes.


  1. Don’t allow search engines locate your profile page

To ensure that your profile page will be viewed by the people whom you don’t know, go to Account> Privacy settings> Search. For search results on Facebook, choose “Only Friends.” Then, double check if the public search box is not chosen.


  1. Prevent Facebook from sharing your information to other affiliated companies

Facebook provides companies to view your profile for ads and research. These companies also use your information for self-advertising. To prevent them social media site from sharing your details, go to Account settings, then to Privacy settings, Applications and sites. Then, go to “Instant Personalisation Pilot Program”, click “Edit Setting”.


Checked the box if it is not ticked. To make sure that you will not be seen in adverts,  go to Account > Account Settings > Facebook Adverts. Choose ‘no one’ on ‘Allow ads on platform pages to show my information to’ and ‘Show my social actions in Facebook ads to’.


  1. Ensure that no one can access your account

Facebook has new feature, it will let you know the devices used when logging in your account. Go to Account > Account settings > Account security. Click ‘Would you like to receive notifications for logins from new devices?’ and then click ‘Yes’ below.


  1. Avoid providing your complete birthdate

Identity thieves targets profiles with complete data, and could utilize it to get more information about you. It can be also be used to access on your bank or credit account. To remove your birthdate on you page, go to profile page and choose “info” tab, then “Edit Information.” Below the Basic Information part, choose to only to show the month and day.


  1. Secure yourself even from your friends

At the point when your friends in Facebook, they might be unintentionally share your information from outsiders. To ensure yourself, click Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and sites > What your companions can share about you. Untick all of the choices and afterward save the changes.


  1. Avoid publicizing your home

Make sure you never share your post with full home address on Facebook. Don’t place it on your “Information” section.


In case you’re leaving on vacation, albeit enticing, it’s best not to post about your going away on your Facebook page, or even telling it on friends’ page. Your friends’ profiles can be viewed by strangers.  There have been various occurrences where individuals have left and come back with their homes were robbed, since they let them know they are not at home.

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