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Social Media and the Children

New discoveries were recently release by the American Academy of Pediatrics, regarding the effect of social media on children and families. In spite of the fact that there are genuine advantages to children on using social media platforms such as Facebook, which can expand communication, gain access on information and help to develop one’s character, there can be grave drawbacks to these web social platforms as well.
Engaging on social networking is popular now a day. Base on the studies, 22 percent of youngsters log onto online social networking sites over 10 times each day, and that 75 percent own phones. It could also increase the chances of being encountering cyberbullying. In order to safely secure a social media savvy youngster, try out these tips to track your kids on social media.
1.No Underage Facebooking
Facebook is not allowing 13 years old to create an account on their site. Since anybody can fake their date births, make sure your child is not using to Facebook until the age of 13, and of course, until you are OK with them to allow them to join the social networking sites. Measures are also set up, reporting minors, at the end of the day, it ought to be the guardian to decide, when their children to have an account.

2.Check Privacy Settings
Put the protection settings on strictest levels on internet sites and Facebook. Settings can be specifically change depending on the internet browsers your child is using from the options tab and to third party sites. This will keep the users and computers away from harmful sites such as viruses. Checking your Facebook protection settings is simple too, so that you can guarantee that you are up to speed on its security approach and roll out any improvements you consider important.

3.Use Filtering Software
Use software that can monitor your children’s activity on the online world. There are software you can buy; numerous even empower you to see the precise keys that were written, time spent online and all PC movement as a rule. Among the most popular software are Net Nanny and PureSight PC. It can screen online networking websites, block chats and more. Parents can also track you children’s phone activity, with a product program, such as My Mobile Watchdog.

4.Create Ground Rules
In the event that your children are mature enough to use the computers, implement rules for them. The most ideal way is to make an agreement for them to sign. The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) urges guardians as well as children to have an openly discussed the rules on children and what these standards mean.

5.Get To Know What Your Child’s Habits Are
Parents don’t need to be good on spying on their children when it comes to monitoring their children’s internet usage, including the sites they always visiting and the people they are meeting on the online world. However, parents should always has a full access on their children’s social media accounts such as Facebook and known their friend lists.

6.Keep the Computer in a Central Location
To make online monitoring more easier, place your children’s computer on locations with high traffic zones. You can place it on central location such as kitchen, in the living room or on an open location of your home.

7.Urge Your Kids to Avoid Questionnaires, Free Giveaways and Contests
On the internet, there are many pop up ads such as tricking children that they have won items, which is tempting them to click the links. Warn your kids and encourage them to avoid these kind of things. Most of these links contains virus that can steal personal information.

8.Monitor the pictures your children posts online
Ensure that you know the photos your children is posting online or email with their friends. You should also check the content of the photos, and is not innocuous and had recognizable places on the background.

9.Be a Good Example of How to Use Social Media
Parent should also be good role model when using social networking site. Make sure you show your children the proper technology.

10.Limit Cell Phone Use
Generally as you would constrain the use of computer, TV or gaming you can do likewise with a mobile phone. Set rules for the gadget, just allowed at specific hours at night or after homework has been finished. For teens, the most essential rule is to don’t allow them to use their phones while driving.

11.Teach Kids about an Online Reputation
Make a point to push to your children what an advanced impression is and the effect unseemly messages or pictures could have in the future once a school administrator or employer discover it.

12.Talk to kids about online dangers
Openly talk and explain to your children regarding the dangers if being exposed on the online world.

13.Get to know the technology
Children rapidly learned to use new technology and can without much of a stretch get on the subtleties that any new device has. The parents are oblige to know precisely the components a incorporated into the gadgets that children are using.

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