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The Five Best Displaying Advertising Must-do’s For The Year 2015

It is a new year where you need to make plans and revise the previous year’s plans to know what really worked and what did not work. To marketers making plans and adjusting what did not work the previous year is their daily mindset. Here are some of displaying advertisements you need to try in the year 2015.

Search Retargeting

For those who are advertising online they must already have started doing the Google Ad words ads. Most of advertising budget goes to Google ad words when it comes to online advertisement and it is the where most of the marketers spend most of their time.

Search targeting and retargeting help you to spend less time managing your campaigns and at the same time keeping up with your conversion rates. Search retargeting is known as an innovative targeting strategy that leverages almost the same power of intent like the one you get in search engines. It combines the leverage power with affordable displays ad that are wide and inventory available.

How Search Retargeting Works

Search retargeting works by users searching their regular keywords in the Google or other search engines. An anonymous cookie is then dropped on their web browser to be bale to identify the user and show them your display banner ads.

Why Marketers Should Try It

It has lower acquisition cost and lower campaigning cost. The competition is less and you have benefits of two fold ads display that is target and build your brand awareness. Banner snack is one company that provide search retargeting campaigns.

Start Retargeting NOW

If you are not doing retargeting yet you are missing out on a lot of advantages for your ad campaigns. Retargeting is known as an online advertisement that can drive visitors and traffic that did not convert back to your site. Retargeting, according to a recent study, is the second best way of online advertising besides the usual email marketing. You can retarget on YouTube, twitter and facebook.

Regularly Creating New Online Banner Ads

We have a common phenomenon in online advertisement when it comes to banner blindness and the ad fatigue. Banner blindness is when the users have a tendency of not noticing the ads. Ad fatigue is when the CTR decline your conversion rate after your banner ads have been running for a period thus causing your rating to drop. Make it a habit to update and add new banners ads frequently on your online advertising.

Conversion Tracking

The main reason for online advertising is to reach your goal and how well you perform. Conversion tracking is known to allow you to see what your clients or users do when they visit your website and after they have clicked on your ads. A code snippet can be installed on your site page that most of your users see after they have completed an action like after make a purchase.

Avoid Using CTR

CTR is good when it comes to measuring the number of traffic or visitors who have clicked on your ads but it does not show you the type of users that visit your website and how they interact with your site.

There are a few more retargeting techniques that you can leverage this year to make your advertising campaigns more effective and results-oriented. Browse around our blog and find our more about retargeting.





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