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The Three Retargeting Strategies Many Retailers Overlook

Retailers need to have a retargeting campaign to be able to acquire new customers and reach out again to existing clients. William Gibson once quoted “the future is already here- it is just not evenly distributed.”

The quote could apply to digital marketing where everything is ever revolving AND evolving. In the retailer business world it’s not the hardship of the technology that keeps retailers out of the loop, it is lack of knowledge on technology and the misguided belief that new technologies are very hard to use—much less leverage for their business.


Remarketing or retargeting is known as the process of issuing an ad to a targeted group of people. It is usually based on the panel past web-browsing behaviors. Here are some of the ways in which a retailer can increase their remarketing campaign so that they can reach existing and potential clients.

#1 Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook is an excellent platform where you can reach a targeted audience faster. In 2012, Facebook was accounted for over one in about five page views in America alone. We have retailers who use Facebook to reach their audience like the jewelry e-tailer Blue Nile, known to use the Facebook remarketing feature.

This nifty feature is known as custom audience. The custom audience feature helps to take advantage of the promising leads that are found in Facebook. It is important that once a retailer starts using the Facebook custom audience, they should begin following up with the potential customers. The best way to support your potential clients is by either emailing them or creating customized ads via Facebook.

#2 Audience Segmentation

Most marketers do not segment their audiences when they are making their retargeting campaigns. Failure to create display campaigns is one of the biggest mistakes that marketers do not consider. Here are the two things that you must target in audience segmentation:

  • Targeting the cart abandoners: In order to be able to target the cart abandoners you need to drop at least two pixels on your website. The first one should be on your cart page and the other one on you’re “Thank you” page that is usually after the checkout. Remember, your cart page is always your highest indicator when it comes to purchasing on your website, utilize it well.
  • Targeting the recent visitors—most conversion is known to happen within a couple of days after the first visit to your site. For a retailer, you should have an ad group targeting your recent visitors and another one targeting visitors from the previous months.
  • Targeting the most recent clients—this is another valuable customer group that many retailers neglect. One way to retarget recent clients is by offering a loyalty program or a referral bonus. You can also upsell related products, or offer additional bonuses.

#3 YouTube Customer Targeting

YouTube is the most underutilized form of customer targeting strategy. It is the most powerful form of advertising medium. The best way you can use YouTube to your advantage is to get away from the usual overt targeting message and instead focus on entertaining your targeted audience. You can create video ads that have humor. The video ads should be good, and they should get your potential clients talking about your brand. Use your Google Ad words to start your YouTube remarketing strategy.

This is just a glance at the 3 things that many retailers miss out when advertising. We will discussed (and we may have already discussed) other important retargeting tips, so don’t hesitate to browse around our blog for more powerful tips to optimize your ad campaigns.



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