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Tips to Boost Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most influential social media sites in the world nowadays. This is particularly obvious as many famous celebrity around the globe are also using it to share and let their fans glimpse a little bit of their personal life. Twitter’s popularity has even escalated to the top as business enthusiast somehow find a way to make use of twitter as a platform to market their business thus, birth of twitter marketing.

Twitter also sees this as a chance to encourage more users and increase its popularity. Their updates are including relevant features that is useful for these businesses to support it and let them promote their business items. Some of these business features include engagement, customers, and sales which are essential factors when doing a business. Twitter users can now use an app to check and monitor their business progress using their phones.

If you are not acquainted with these new changes in twitter yet which you can definitely use to grow your business’ through social media, then you must read the following tips on how to build Twitter followers to ensure Twitter success.

  1. Create a Twitter Profile that Reflects your Business

Twitter profile should be relevant to the image your business. Every single thing that can be found on your Twitter should be connected to your business. From the photos, bio, to the header image and pinned tweets, all of these things should reflect and resemble your business’ vision and goal. It would not make sense if your header image show a different and not relevant image to your business. If you can’t find any connection to your products and services avoid posting it. Your followers might question the credibility of your page which can cost you your potential clients. Your twitter profile is more than just a page to post something about your business; it is an annex to your business’ identity.

  1. Build a Content that your Followers can Interact and Engage

Twitter conversations are like face-to-face dialogues to your followers, you have to keep them interesting to encourage your followers to interact. No matter how polished and articulate your tweets are, if your followers cannot relate to them, then are good as nothing.

Try to use and take advantage of the search engine like search.twitter.com to look for relevant content that your competitors used to engaged their customers. You can find out what sort of conversation that most customers like to interact. Make a strategy for your content carefully as every tweet counts. When people see that all your tweets are word of the mouth by many, they will likely take interest on your account and start following you. This way, you actually build twitter followers who are potential clients to your business.

  1. Maximize your Twitter Marketing Strategy In Line with Your Followers’ Interest

Maximize every available twitter marketing strategy that could help you widen your audience. You also need to find ways to keep your followers not only building it. The real challenge is not convincing people to follow your business’s twitter but more on keeping them interested to stay. Give them the right conversation and interesting photos to pair with it and it will never be a problem. You can make use of fun and interesting hashtags, high quality and timely photos as well as promoted tweets and call to actions (CTAs).

  1. Study Your Demographics and Make Use of Twitter List

Every single bit of information can help your business marketing strategy works. The more facts you know about your business as well as your followers, the more effective your strategy will work. Take note of those conversations that your followers are most engaged in. You can also track the exact time that most of your followers are alike online and when is the best time to tweet. These pieces of information are useful and can make a big difference to your business marketing strategy.

Also, use the Twitter list in your advantage. Categorize your followers in a way which would make it easier for you to interact and tweet.

  1. Be Grateful and Show Positivity

Some people take interest in a positive tweets so make sure to show some to your followers. Let your followers feel valued and appreciated so be grateful and do not forget to thank them for following your business as it would do good for your business as well. After all, one way to secure loyal followers is through building a more personal connection.


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