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The Ultimate Banner Sin: Being Boring!

You have about 3 seconds…

That’s how long you have to capture your reader’s attention. If you don’t – consider them as good as gone!

You see, there’s a reason that Attention comes first in the classic AIDA copywriting formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) – you must first grab your reader’s attention if you want to stand any chance that they’ll eventually take action (click on your banner.)

3 Ways To Grab Attention

  1. 1. Have an “eye-catching” graphic… 
    If your graphic is plain as vanilla, chances are people won’t give your banner a second look. However, consider the following banners…

    Hard not to notice them, right? I thought so… You see, you want to include eye-catching photos like these that “tell a story”.
  2. Attract eyeballs to your banner with a catchy, curiosity-provoking headline.
    Consider the following banner…

    Wouldn’t you be tempted to click on this banner even if you weren’t a smoker, just to see what it was all about? Again I’d have to say yes. That’s because the headline does such a good job of creating curiosity (the paradoxal words “Healthy Smoking” instantly create a disparity in our own mind that our brain desperately wants to resolve…)Another thing to point out in this banner is that the headline both asks a question and uses italics – two things that have been proven to increase click-through rates.
  3. If you don’t want to be boring… appeal to your reader’s interest! 
    This is something that many marketers overlook, yet is extremely important. Let’s consider the following example…Imagine that you’re browsing a “web hosting” website and one of the banner ads you see is for used, rusty antique lamps – not exactly a great fit, right? Of course not! End result – NO click!On the other hand, consider the following example…Imagine that you’re a huge fan of marketing guru Jay Abraham… and you’re browsing a website that talks all about his latest book when all of a sudden… you spot the following banner:

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for you to target only the prospects you want. For example, consider Facebook’s advertising program. It offers advertisers the ability to target their audience by their age, sex, education, workplace, relationship status and more.  Think of how much more powerful your banners would be if they were targeted precisely to your audience.

To really explode your banner results, create different custom banners for the each segment of your target market.

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