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Want to Make Your Retargeting Ads Convert Like Crazy?  Try Returning Lead Alerts

If you’re one of those who resort to advertisements to find customers online, there is one sure way of getting better results than what you’re getting now.

Retargeting Ads are very useful tools that you can use.  They utilize tracking cookies that can positively influence people who have been visitors of your website and turn them into your customers.

These ads can do more wonders than the common PPC ads that can be bought through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  These are classified as non-retargeted ad buys, and they target the general people who used the internet.

They can reach out, but one disadvantage is that you’re competing against other ad buyers in the same scenario.  It means, you and your competitors are on the same playing field with the same guns and firepower.  As with retargeting ads, they do more than reach.

They seek commitment with those who have already visited your site and gives the highest probability of re- engaging with you (same with the logic of a likely re-engagement with someone you know, than a complete stranger who you’ve just met while jogging in the park).

The targeting technique of aiming at your past website visitors can be very effective in customer conversion and can result in a greater return on investment.

 Is there something I can do to make my retargeting ads get me more customers?        

Yes, there is.  Your retargeting ads can join forces with the superb Contactus.com feature known as Returning Lead Alerts.  They’ll manage your retargeting campaigns for better control and marketing.

 Retargeting Ads Leave the Ball in the Lead’s Court

Retargeting ads are amazing.  They make your website visitors interested enough for them to submit contact forms, but for some reasons, they fell short of becoming customers.  These visitors then wait for some leads to re- engage with you and this is absurd.  It won’t give you positive conversion results.  This is where the Returning Leads Alerts comes into play.

Improving Retargeting Ads with Strategic Lead Outreach

Returning Leads Alerts provides a different dimension to your retargeting ads’ job of re-engaging with previous visitors.  It gives actual time information and targets strategically your website visitors at the exact time when they’re back on your website.  This kind of approach is highly relevant.  It eventually directs to more conversions and it is cost effective as the impressions you paid for, yields results.

The Solution:  Pairing Retargeting with Returning Lead Alerts

The combination of retargeting ads and ContactUs.com’s Returning Lead Alerts is super active and effective.

When a visitor with contact form returns to your website, Returning Leads Alerts sends you an email notification.  This makes your sales team aware and they are provided with all the necessary information about the prospect

  The perfect time is now to fully reach out while they’re back on your website.  The best opportunity to face all queries, answer objections and finally to close sales.

The super duo at its best.  Your retargeting ads enticing visitors back at your website. Then, Returning Leads Alerts tells you of the exact moment when they are there, setting up the most ideal time to follow up and turn these hot leads to eventual buyers.

Take Your Advertsing to the Next Level

Advertising and lead nurturing are important factors to keep customers flowing and make your business flourish.  It need not be costly and time consuming.  You can get real value for your money by targeting the appropriate market and connecting with them in a strategic manner to convert them into buyers.  Combining retargeting ads and Returning Leads Alerts, offers to do that and it promises effectiveness and results.



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