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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that has been in use for some years now. It is among the most effective marketing methods in use today. If a web user visits your website, an anonymous browser cookie is dropped on him or her. Afterwards, the cookie will track the user’s activities on the internet and prompt the retargeting provider, such as AdWords, to send the user your advertisements at the right time.

By tracking the behavior of visitors to your website, you get to know when it is the right time to serve them with advertisements related to your website.

Back in 2010, Google AdWords introduced ‘remarketing’ into their display network. Basically, the two terms refer to the same thing; remarketing is just retargeting, but is specific to the Google AdWords display network.

So, why should you use this marketing strategy?

Based on statistics, retargeting a visitor to your website makes him or her three times more likely to click on your ads than a web user who has never visited your website. Additionally, experts are for the opinion that retargeting improves a marketing campaign by about 400 percent. Mentioned here are some of the pros and cons of retargeting.

Advantages Associated with Retargeting

  • With retargeting, visitors who ever visited your website are constantly reminded about the websites, through advertisements that appear at the convenient time. May be the user was in a hurry the last time he or she visited your website; retargeting will lead the user to your website the second time.
  • With this technique, you can use Google analytics to ascertain the level of customer loyalty in your business. With Google analytics, you can track and analyze the number of returning visitors to your business.
  • By tracking the behavior of visitors to your website, you can customize the retargeting advertisements to such users. You may use facts, a good call to action or just humor to make the content more interesting for the user.
  • Retargeting can help you gather information as to why your website is not very interesting to users, hence improve it. This is achieved by tracking the past user patterns of visitors to your website.

Possible Disadvantages of Retargeting

  • Some web users may misunderstand retargeting, which makes it appear weird and creepy to such users.
  • If a web users keep seeing advertisements about the same company every now and then, on different platforms, they may get annoyed and get a feeling that you are tracking their online activity
  • You have to alternate the ads from time to time to avoid annoying the visitors with the same advertisement every now and then.
  • You may end up showing an advertisement of a product that the web user has just purchased, either from your company or elsewhere. This makes the advertisement irrelevant.

It is because of these disadvantages that about 59 percent of web users, according to statistics, are neutral to retargeting. However, the fact still remains; retargeting is among the leading marketing strategies in use today in that it offers a good ROI.

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