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Where to Advertise Your Web Banner Ad

In deciding where would be the best place to advertise your web banner ad, you should think about certain key aspects.

Consider the actual product you’re trying to sell. Now think of those potential customers out there who might be interested in your product. What are the types of website they would be likely to be most attracted to?

A great tip is to use your search engine to locate the websites that attract these customers. Trying using dogpile.com which gathers multiple search engine results; giving top 10 results for each. Contact the sites to try and gauge their monthly visitor rates, and how much they charge for advertising. If you’ve designed your banners yourself, let them know (and mention you’d like the 15% agency discount).

If you’re fortunate to be in a position where you can afford to pay premium rates to get your banner ad noticed, then all you have to do is take your pick of the high profile/high traffic websites, such as Google or Yahoo!

Google has the facility to integrate your banner ads with your adwords account.

The more likely scenario is that you don’t have an unlimited advertising budget (which is why you’re considering banner ads in the first place!) With a bit of online research you can uncover websites who are offering the best deals in a variety of subject areas. A good website to take note of is called Best-value-deals.com. They can offer advice about how to promote your own banner over others to ensure you stay at the top of the search results page.

There are various exchange programs available for your banner ads (this is where you can pool resources with other advertisers, such as SmartClicks, LinkBuddies or LinkExchange). If you come across likeminded websites, why not cross-promote your banner ads?
So much for where to post you banner ads. What about how to post them? There are no concrete rules about how to actually place your adverts on a web page. Depending on the topic matter you’re dealing with, you (or your designer) might decide whether a static banner would be more appropriate. If you go with an animated one, will simple animated GIFs suffice, or do you want to go the whole hog and put together a Flash movie?

What you should definitely keep in mind are some basic rules. Web surfers are notoriously fickle. If your banner doesn’t appear near the top of their browser when they click into the advertising site, they might not notice it. And keep your message simple, easy to understand and captivating. You want your banner to draw people in – keeping them curious without bamboozling them!

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