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Why You Should Be Retargeting Using Facebook

Without a doubt, Facebook is now a giant in advertising. As it was once all about the Google Ads, the real place to be, for advertising, is Facebook. So, what is so great about retargeting customers using Facebook ads?

For one, it is one of the top performing campaigns. Also, Facebook ad campaigns also have one of the lowest cost per acquisition number. Google’s Display Networks cost per acquisition is above $17.00. In contrast, the cpa is approximately $11.50 for Facebook retargeting campaigns.

This will allow you to maximize your advertising investment. Maximizing your investment will not only help you have a successful campaign but also give you more value.

It’s a Great Digital Strategy

One reason you should be doing your retargeting campaigns with Facebook is it is the perfect way to broadcast your message. This is true regardless of your industry. More people use Facebook online than they do anything else. It is one of the top visited websites online. If you have perfected your messaging, imagery, and targeting, you can ensure that more people see your ad than would on Google’s search.

This is because people will review their Facebook wall more often than they will do Google searches and if they see your ad every time they visit the site it will be of the utmost impact to your business.

You Appear in Your Customers News Feed

One of the more appealing features that Facebook advertisements have over traditional online ad campaigns is that you can interact with your consumers through their newsfeed. It will be as if they aren’t seeing an advertisement.

And people love advertisements that don’t feel like they are selling them something. When you retarget using Facebook, you’ll be able to find the right audience based on their Facebook likes, so you’ll know that you are getting your message out to the right people.

You Can Interact With Your Customers

Another great reason for using Facebook for retargeting is that you’ll have the ability to respond to your current and potential customers when they leave a comment. This means that if your customers enjoy your product or service they’ll likely share your advertisement to their Facebook wall. Once they share it, more of their friends will see it.

The more people to see you ad the more popular your business will become.  This is something that Google cannot offer you with it’s retargeting campaign options. As much as Google wants to think that Google + is a hit, it just isn’t on the same level with Facebook.

The Downside

The only downside to using Facebook’s retargeting features is that you cannot retarget videos. This is the one option where Google does top out. Google has perfected video remarketing to a science, due to their investment in YouTube.

Video retargeting aside, lower cost per acquisition and social sharing options make FaceBook a definite win. And It will allow you to hone in on your intended audience. When you’ve targeted your specific audience, you should be able to increase your sales.



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