Choosing The Best Placements For Your Banners

Once you have made the decision to use banner advertising to market your business, you may think that getting the design of the banner right is all you need to worry about. However, having the most beautiful banner in the world will not do anything for your business unless you know where you are going to place your banners in order to get the most from them. You need to think about the type of sites that they should be posted on as well as the actual placement of the banners within those sites.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the sites that will offer the best placement for your banner campaign.

Think About Who You Are Targeting

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is who you are actually targeting with your campaign?

For example, if you are offering a beauty product then you are unlikely to want to spend your advertising budget placing banners on a automotive niche blog. Take some time to great a profile
for you ideal typical buyer and you should gain a little insight into the types of websites that they are going to visit. It is a great idea look for blogs and websites that are in a similar niche to your
business and checking out the advertising opportunities that they can offer.

Once again, if we take a new beauty product as an example, then you should look for blogs, forums and other websites in the fashion and beauty niche. Start by making a list of these sites which you can them trim down to create a short list using other factors.

Look At How Much Traffic Sites Are Pulling In

Once you have your starter list of possible sites you will need to start narrowing it down to the ones that you really want to place your banner on. One of the key things to look at when doing so is the amount of traffic that each website is pulling in. There is no point in advertising on websites who have less traffic than you already have, but neither will you want to choose only those with the
highest traffic since these are the most expensive.

You should be looking for a balance somewhere in the middle. You will need to weigh up the level of traffic and the cost of advertising in order to
determine whether or not they are worth short listing.

Eliminate Sites With Too Many Banners

If a site has to many banner adverts then it generally follows that you will get a lower click rate and your banner will not be as visible as they would be on a site which only has limited advertising.

Banner ad clutter

Too many banners on the same page

It is important to take this into consideration when drawing up your short list of sites to place your banners on. Sites that are overcrowded with advertising are less likely to be able to offer you space in the prime locations above the fold. These are the locations that are most likely to yield the best results.

Making Your Final Choices

As you can see, there is a massive amount of research involved in selecting the right websites to place your banner ads on. It may seem like a massive amount of work, but it is important and not
something that you should skip over if you want your banner advertising to be a success. If you put the effort into your research then you will find it much easier to zone in on your target audience.
Opting for websites that are specific to your industry or niche has the advantage of providing you with banner space at lower rates.

In addition, it is likely that these niche sites will allow you to better target a particular demographic. It is well worth investigating whether or not this is likely to be effective for your particualr needs.

Once you have carried out your research and created a list of the websites that you would like to place banner ads on, you will need to get the appropriate banners produced. Check out our portfolio for examples of our work and get in touch to discuss your requirements.