5 Editor’s Tips To Help You Write Like A Pro

5 Editor’s Tips To Help You Write Like A Pro

Writing is intimidating and can take so much of your time if you are unsure about anything. The good news is that writing doesn’t have to be painful, and almost anybody can improve their writing skills with little effort and discipline. Therefore, we will give you some easy tips to help you improve your writing skills and write like a pro.

1. Spell check

The first tip seems like a no brainer, right? But you wouldn’t believe how many people skip this quick and easy step for better writing. Spell checking is very important as it will lead your reader to a wrong idea if you made a simple typo. Nowadays, computer word program has a built in auto spell checker but don’t always rely on it. It will not always give you the right word.

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7 Tips Guarantee Your First Funnel’s Success

7 Easy Tips To Guarantee Your First Sales Funnel’s Success

You might wonder why there’s a funnel.

You’d think it is usually used in a laboratory and not specifically in sales.

Not that there’s any liquid to transfer in the marketing industry (unless you’re dealing with logistics)…

But the sales funnel is pertaining to the customer’s path when they first encounter your brand’s advertisement.

The first tier of the sales funnel gets the most customer attention.

As the customers go through the journey, their initial population decreases as they journey further.

This explains the shape of the sales funnel if drawn as a diagram.

As the quantity decreases, the customer quality increases. These customers are truly curious and about to make a purchase.

The smaller parts of the funnel refer to customers who have “converted”

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A Technical Guide to Create Compelling Facebook Banners

An Easy-to-Read Technical Guide to Create Compelling Facebook Banner Ads

Ever wonder what a website header was years back?

You’d probably answer an address of an obsolete grid-style website.

In fact, you might even mention a Google Geocities page with awkwardly animated HTML text and objects.

Even today, headers and cover photos follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, three of the world’s biggest social networks.

Despite its transition from Web 1.0 to 2.0 in the last two decades, the Internet has created an “aesthetic habit” when it comes to visuals.

An explanation: nowadays, everyone expects a website to have a banner that takes up immense page real estate that highlights a scenic or memorable image to accompany with the brand.

A website built only of text seems unnatural and seems like an expressionist project rather than a commercial one.

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Business Potential Through Excellent Brand Storytelling

Bringing Out Business Potential Through Excellent Brand Storytelling

Branding is recognizing your position in your particular industry and using it to establish your identity.

Think of it this way: you’re a fifth grader and you’re new in class. No one knows your name or your personality.

It is only during introductions that everyone gets to know your name.

At this point, you have already chosen the specific personality and perception you want others to see from you.

Your actions will supplement whether these traits you mention and act are true.

Developing your brand identity is quite the same except you have a bigger classroom, millions of classmates, and have no teacher to introduce you in class.

You are in full control of your business’ outward identity and personality.

The business’ actions take the form of its offers’

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Content Development: The Heart of Digital Marketing

Content Development The Heart of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ever heard the old saying “actions speak louder than words?”

Well, this saying is actually  is applicable in digital advertising and marketing.

A company may claim their offers can resolve problems.

But another can perform a collaborative test with a third party and by using data prove that their offers resolve the problem efficiently.

Definitely, you will trust the latter company because objective data can never lie.

Content marketing focuses on the customers’ strong trust for test results instead of brand claims.

Copywriting can tell customers what the business can do.

However, detailed tests and research involving the brand’s offers can show customers its approach to solving problems.

This can lead to helpful tips and discoveries that can resolve day to day problems given their experience and expertise.

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Five Things to Know About Facebook’s Algorithm

Five Things to Know About Facebook’s Algorithm (and Using It To Your Advantage!)

First, it was Friendster.

The earliest form of social media was powerful. It demonstrated the “small world” effect.

A decade ago, everyone was spending more time on the Internet looking for friends and relatives they never knew lived in other countries. In fact, some found them living near their current home.

This fascination helped elevate the social network to great heights until mismanagement and indecisions caught up and it failed to achieve any purpose except to demonstrate the power of social media.

Multiply arrived next. It was a content-based approach that focused on video, audio, and images.

People were thrilled to have a chat function to talk to other users and comment on their photos.

Once again, this failed to compete with the then-rising Facebook,

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7 Ways Automated Email Generate High Conversions

7 Ways Automated Email Generate High Conversions Pressed for Time?

Emails lets you communicate quickly with anyone.

You can say it is a tedious but more organized form of text messaging.

In a minute, you could send a text-based email to a friend.

In less than 10 minutes, you can upload an image file and send your email.

You can even send the same email to multiple people in almost the same amount of time.

Given these circumstances, you can question the need for email automation.

In fact, you feel it might just be a waste of time and resources.

However, anyone who had done manual email campaigns know how much time you spend for it.

Email campaigns consist of the following steps: content collection, copywriting, design, HTML, database management, campaign management, testing, sending and reporting,

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Heatmapping & Ways Data Can Improves Design

Heatmapping and Other Ways Data Collection Can Improve Your Banner Design

Let’s start with a simple analogy.

A vendor selling apples and oranges received his idea from a neighbor who told him the fruits’ markets are soaring in demand.

However, the vendor only has a limited budget to purchase his initial inventory.

He decides to purchase a small quantity of both fruits.

After he sold his first batch of fruits, he noted that the oranges sold faster than apples for the particular month.

He performs the same experiment the next month and finds that apples sold faster compared to oranges during that period.

After a year, the vendor invests in apple and orange fruit inventories exclusively during a given month.

The vendor’s data collection and precise analysis had helped him make confident decisions and turn a profit in less than a year.

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7 Things To Focus On For A High-Converting Landing Page

7 Things To Focus On If You Want A High-Converting Landing Page

Home pages during the early Internet days looked like a huge mess.

It was text-heavy, organized, yet not at all eye-catching or attention-grabbing.

These websites looked like a sight for sore eyes.

During the time, for the tech-savvy, the Internet was a place of information where aesthetics didn’t matter too much.

High-converting custom landing page concepts were still foreign during the time.

It was not until Web 2.0 veteran marketers and web designers created improvements on home pages.

Landing pages are crucial parts of sales funnels.

You can think of them as entrance doors to your office or promo center. They need to grab attention.

Everything must be accessible for customers easily.

Lastly, you need to guide customer attention to areas that highlight your brand and make the entire experience memorable through excitement,

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Top 10 Most Applicable Banner Fonts

Top 10 Most Applicable Banner Fonts in 2018

Text is a powerful medium.n A logo tells many things about your brand. However, text helps create a mold around a viewer’s idea regarding a brand and organize the entire visual around a single message. Aside from its message, the text’s font matters immensely.

According to Creative Market, a banner is the first thing a customer sees. Therefore, a banner that packs the business’ branding and personality is important. Fonts introduce a different kind of mood to the logo and the entire banner itself.

Logo and banner creation platform Canva has a great diagram that explains how different fonts exude different feelings.

In this four-panel grid, a “friendly” font is something that is whole in shape and has ample spaces between letters, such as Montserrat. Curvy typography introduces class and a “fancy”

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