7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid in Digital Marketing

7 Costly Mistakes You Need To Avoid in Digital Marketing

It is undeniable that digital marketing is the best way to spread word about your brand.

It is affordable, has a simple learning curve, and convenient.

Both small and large brands recognise the potential of digital marketing. Hundreds of thousands of companies with an online presence have seen success in earning their target audience’s trust.

With a well-planned website that is easy to navigate with compelling content, they have increased and even automated their sales process, too.

There is no question that many businesses will invest premiums in digital marketing.

The promised results are often achieved.

However, it can also be a huge profit sinkhole if it is not used efficiently.

First-time digital marketers often commit costly mistakes.

If it is your brand’s first content or social media campaign,

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6 Things First Time Banner Marketer Should Know

6 Things Every First Time Banner Marketer Should Know

One of the most important things that a business must do to ensure they attract the customers they need and want is advertising. Advertising and marketing comes in many forms. Depending on the medium that you are using you need to use an effective marketing tool. When it comes to television or radio, there are commercials. These are in your face advertisements for your business. People that see the ads can either switch the channel or listen. In print ads, like those in newspapers or magazines, someone skimming the specific medium can opt to read the advert or not.

Online marketing is a bit different. In some cases, basic information is displayed on web pages in the form of pop-ups or banner ads. These are a popular form of advertising and the average internet user will see up to 1700 banner ads every single month.

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Choosing The Best Placements For Your Banners

Choosing The Best Placements For Your Banners

Once you have made the decision to use banner advertising to market your business, you may think that getting the design of the banner right is all you need to worry about. However, having the most beautiful banner in the world will not do anything for your business unless you know where you are going to place your banners in order to get the most from them. You need to think about the type of sites that they should be posted on as well as the actual placement of the banners within those sites.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the sites that will offer the best placement for your banner campaign.

Think About Who You Are Targeting

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is who you are actually targeting with your campaign?

For example,

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4 Facebook Tips for Business Owners -by 20Dollarbanners

4 Facebook Tips Every Business Owners Must Know

Facebook has become the new way to grow business as it is easy to use through internet or with the use of smartphone, you can simply manage and market your business online. While the site is mainly intended for people to share ideas and to make the people more connected to the world, business owners came to use this chance to reach out for potential customers. The social media platform is used by 1.4 billion of active users around the world.

Businesses have set up their own Facebook page as one of the first step to market their business on the online community. However, if you have already establish a Facebook page for your business but it has not generated or drive audiences, then the chances of getting notice, liked and engaged with is low. Then you should consider on adding or improving your business Facebook page.

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Facebook Pushing Users to Messenger

Facebook Pushing Users to Messenger App

Social media giant Facebook will no longer allow users to read and chat their contact through the mobile website version of the site. Facebook notified the users that they will only view their messages through the Messenger app.

According to Tech Crunch, the new changes will be effective this summer. “Your conversations are moving to Messenger,” it notified. “Welcome news to the millions like me who switched to the web app in order to avoid Messenger in the first place!” Currently, the notice can be close and proceed on the mobile website messaging version of the site, but only until the said time.

When the time comes, users will have no choice but to download the official Messenger app. Most Facebook users have turned on using the mobile website version because some can’t still upgrade to the newest OS.

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Snapchat Purchased the 3D Face-scanning App Seene

Snapchat Purchased the 3D Face-scanning App Seene

Messaging app company Snapchat has secretly bought company developers of Seene, an app which let users have 3D selfie images on their phones. The move has not been known for several months, and the acquisition could help Snapchat develop potential virtual reality projects.

Seene app is known for its 3D selfies, and talks about Snapchat’s plans to launch into a virtual reality projects through the startup are surfacing. According to Digital Trends, the app functions to scan and rebuild a completely 3D model of anything users snap on their smartphone device. Seene does not use on some cameras or infrared sensors, unlike Project Tango by Google, the Microsoft Kinect, and short-lived Fire phone by Amazons.

It works right through smartphone’s camera, which scans the user’s face real quick and recreated it into a 3D image and it also works on rear cameras.

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Small Business Tips to Making it Big Online

Small Business Tips to Making it Big Online

Facebook has become the way of small business owners to market their businesses. Despite that it is easy to gain access on social media, marketing online can also be done without spending too much money. Through learning some of the effective marketing techniques on Facebook, small business owners will be able to get their target customers even the new ones.

Here are the five effective ways on how to get started on marketing small business through the social media giant, Facebook.

Begin in local

With a small business, your family, relatives, friends and the people who lived near you only know your business, but you can start with them. Facebook has a feature, “Build Audience” located at the admin panel. A drop down menu will show and you can now start to invite them. You can also share your page and promote it on your timeline or even on groups you belong to.

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5 Best Tips to Remain Active in Social Media

Five Best Tips to Remain Active in Social Media

Social media has greatly changed the communication over the previous years. Today, people use social media to communicate, even the old ones who was used to snail mails, have already an account in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Social media is not only for young ones today as everyone, regardless of their age are enjoying the advantages of social media.

Small businesses are also resorting to all social media platforms to market their business online and get engage on wider audiences. Though it is a wise choice to get have network of clients on social media, taking on more than you could possibly deal with is opposite to gaining.

Being active and steady engagement is essential, combining it with an important new content. It is also best to improve and utilize shrewd methodologies to maintain your social media posts on time as well as to make sure your clients can receive message from you whenever they contact you.

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4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips You Should Use

4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips You Should Start Using Right Now

When you are in social media, you often did not realize that you spending so much time, however, it doesn’t have to be always this way. Apply these tips in order to make spare time on your social media effort.

Utilize a social media management system when posting

Schedule your social media posting when managing multiple social media posting. Using automating posting, it will not consume your time. Through the automated system of the social media platforms, it will also make it easier for you to go on multi-tasking.

Limit Yourself to Two To Three Platforms

Focus only on two to three social media platforms and learn how to manage them. Social media platforms nowadays have complex system, so using only few will give you much time to thoroughly study them. Make sure you learn the shortcuts or the tricks for the features it can help you to easily manage it.

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How does article marketing compare to pay per click?

How does article marketing compare to pay per click Advertisement?

For many years now, there has been a heated debate on many online forums, as to which of the two advertisement methods is the best. Some professionals will tell you that article marketing is the best while others advocate for pay per click advertisements.

Pay per click (PPC) is a paid marketing option, in which you pay to have your advertisement to be displayed on search engine results, in the form of clickable banners. Article advertisement, on the other hand, is essentially Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of websites, using informative content. In most cases, article marketing is combined with link-building to enhance its effectiveness.

With each of the advertisement methods having a unique set of advantages and disadvantages to offer, the suitability of each will mainly depend on the field of application. Rather than trying to figure out which of the two is the best,

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