4 Facebook Tips Every Business Owners Must Know

Facebook has become the new way to grow business as it is easy to use through internet or with the use of smartphone, you can simply manage and market your business online. While the site is mainly intended for people to share ideas and to make the people more connected to the world, business owners came to use this chance to reach out for potential customers. The social media platform is used by 1.4 billion of active users around the world.

Businesses have set up their own Facebook page as one of the first step to market their business on the online community. However, if you have already establish a Facebook page for your business but it has not generated or drive audiences, then the chances of getting notice, liked and engaged with is low. Then you should consider on adding or improving your business Facebook page.

Setting up a business page with high number of likes and have a large fan base is not easy to accomplish. Once people click to like your page, they receive updates on their feeds regularly that is advantageous for you. However, the most difficult part is once you set up the page, you will think of the ways on how you will drive people to like your page. Here are some of the Facebook tips for business owners to focus on creating a page with more engagement.

Used recognizable profile and cover photos

Good profile and cover images gives the best first impression for a Facebook page. Choose photos that are simple in the eye for users to easily recognize. You could also use your business brand’s logo. When your profile photo is recognizable, your business page will be easily to be found on Facebook search and get liked. Your profile picture represents your business and appears as the thumbnail image so be wise on choosing photos. Make sure you follow the proper image sizes for each and be sure to check the important items can be seen on mobile too.

Facebook’s profile picture dimension is 180 pixels by 180 pixels, but it is shown as 160 pixels by 160 pixels on when viewed on computer. Fore cover photos, the pixel is 851 wide by 315 pixels tall. Make the cover catchier by choosing a more engaging image that is related to your business.

You should also change your profile photo once or twice a year. However, when changing profile picture, it can cause brand confusion. Make sure your business or brand’s logo is still the same, while slightly changing its background color (don’t change your logo’s primary colors). If you suddenly put a profile picture that is hugely different from your first picture, it could result in lower engagement & reach.

Put Call-to-Action button on your page

Tell your audience to go do something that will change their life. That is the purpose of CTA buttons. Facebook introduced call-to- action buttons in December 2014. With the use of call to action, people can easily interact with your business page. Business owners can pick the appropriate destination that is suitable for their business that directs your followers to it.

This includes Sign Up, Shop Now, Contact Us and more. Call-to-action drives traffic from your business page. You can also add the call-to-action buttons on the cover photo of your Facebook page. To use this feature, click “Create Call-to-Action: button that is seen on the Facebook cover. Keep also in mind that the shorter you can make your CTA, the easier it is for people to read it.

Add apps on your Facebook page

You can add Apps that lets your audiences to get more of your business page, it can also be an additional information on promotions, route maps or access to other social media networks. You can customize it for your page and to do that go to Facebook App Center. On that option, you can search and choose apps that is suitable to your business.

When done choosing, tap the flag icon to navigate on the page of the app you have chosen. Then, tap on the menu icon that is seen on the app page’s cover image and select “Add App to Page.” You can go through a thorough customization of the apps with if you have more knowledge on setting HTMLs.

Invest on Facebook ads

Facebook ads is quite costly, however, it could boost your business’ visibility on the online community. Facebook ads have a great advantageous feature than other advertising platforms. And it allow users to set target on a specific group of people or other categories. Invest on Facebook ads to bring you into a larger audience.

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Through Facebook ads, you can create ads that drive traffic to your fan page, put up ads that promote events you’re hosting, or make sponsored stories around activities on your fan page.