Small Business Tips to Making it Big Online

Facebook has become the way of small business owners to market their businesses. Despite that it is easy to gain access on social media, marketing online can also be done without spending too much money. Through learning some of the effective marketing techniques on Facebook, small business owners will be able to get their target customers even the new ones.

Here are the five effective ways on how to get started on marketing small business through the social media giant, Facebook.

Begin in local

With a small business, your family, relatives, friends and the people who lived near you only know your business, but you can start with them. Facebook has a feature, “Build Audience” located at the admin panel. A drop down menu will show and you can now start to invite them. You can also share your page and promote it on your timeline or even on groups you belong to.

Here’s what Social Media Examiner has to say:

Choose the Correct Category and Subcategories for Your Local Business Page

To ensure that customers find your local business in search or a category listing page, be sure that you’ve selected the appropriate category and subcategories for your local business. To start, search for the keywords or categories that customers would use to find you and see what Facebook suggests.

Follow Rule of Thirds

These tips are your guide to on how to post better content which can increase your audience engagement. The first rule is 1/3 Ads & Product Posts, which means make posts that will share the existence of your business services and product offered. Second rule, is 1/3 Editorial Content, in which you have to create contents that focusing more on lifestyle and about education. You can add topic about beauty and travel advice. Third, 1/3 Fun: Posts that make people happy! Create contents that can motivate audience to interact and engage, You  can add funny memes, cartoons as well as quotes.

Promote your business through giveaways

Facebook is now letting fans to post promotions on pages. Giveaways is an effective way to promote your business product. Just make sure the giveaway is relevant to what you are offering on your business.

Post “Daily Deals”

If you have excess on your inventory, you can post daily discounted products to your fans. Fans loves discounts and take advantage of this deals and even invite more people to avail it.

Purchase Facebook Ads

Through running Facebook ads, you can easily get your target customers. It is also recommended to take Promoted Page Likes that will let you get your daily budget for a set range. When picking photos to incorporate to your ad, choose the ones that can catch people’s attention and more importantly set the target audience. Pick the focus demographic age and gender that will respond on you product ad.