6 Things Every First Time Banner Marketer Should Know

One of the most important things that a business must do to ensure they attract the customers they need and want is advertising. Advertising and marketing comes in many forms. Depending on the medium that you are using you need to use an effective marketing tool. When it comes to television or radio, there are commercials. These are in your face advertisements for your business. People that see the ads can either switch the channel or listen. In print ads, like those in newspapers or magazines, someone skimming the specific medium can opt to read the advert or not.

Online marketing is a bit different. In some cases, basic information is displayed on web pages in the form of pop-ups or banner ads. These are a popular form of advertising and the average internet user will see up to 1700 banner ads every single month. If you are a first time banner marketer then you need to understand how these banner ads actually work for your business. Here are six things to know about banner marketing.

Branding and URLs

One of the first things to consider when creating banner ads is whether to include branding and URLs. Although a first time marketer may want to include this information, it is more important to create a banner that presents a specific marketing message, which causes people to act. You also want to include a nice sales message.

Banners on Site

If placing banner ads on your own site, there is no need to incorporate the business or store name and URL on the banner as the potential client is already on the business site. Banners that are on a business site should focus on advertising products, deals, or a sales pitch. Since banner ads are meant to bring in revenue, use them effectively by not filling them up with branding and URLs. Furthermore, include wording that causes the individual to act, such as “Shop our selection of” or “Check out these deals.”

Use Caution with Coupons

Coupons may be a great marketing technique to draw customers to a site and get sales but in some cases, they can create unwanted headaches. There are times when individuals will see a coupon on a banner, save that banner, and upload to their personal database. This may sound like it could lead to more potential sales but the reality is, if the coupon has expired, and no expiration date is on the coupon, people will continue to demand what the coupon offers are complain when it does not work. Be sure when using coupons to always clearly place on the banner how long it is available. You can do this by including something like, click here to get your 30% off code from X until Z.

Remember the Purpose of the Banner Ad

Banner ads cost money. Remember you want them to provide a message to current or potential clients and you want them to encourage a call to action. As nice as it is to create something with your brand that is attractive, if people do not click on the banner you are wasting money. Use an image that draws attention but offers a message and encourages the individual to click the banner using a clickable call to action. It is also important to remember to use theme consistency between the banner and the site they are taken to, this helps avoid confusion.

Offer Banner Options

When creating banner ads it is essential to provide options. You need a banner ad that gets the attention of anyone that sees it because of how the design stands out against the site it is on. In addition, banner ads that are created so they blend in with most sites can be useful because some website owners do not want banner ads that detract from their content. It is also important to think about various different sizes of banners as well.

Avoid Games

Games on banner ads may draw attention to them. They may even generate click throughs and traffic, but the reality is, if they do not result in sales, they are pointless. Include relevant information and imagery, along with messages related to services and products that encourage sales.

Banner ads can work when you know how to use them. The tips above will help you to get the most from your banner ads and we can help you to craft the very best banners to use in them. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers so why not get in touch with us today to discuss your banner requirements.