Bootstrap Landing Page Design

Bootstrap is a mobile first HTML, CSS, and JS framework that is only growing in prominence, thanks to its versatility and relative simplicity of use. It is often employed when site’s responsiveness and performance on mobile devices is a primary concern. This is to say that the designer you choose to build or optimise your Bootstrap landing page has to not only be technically proficient with the framework, but also be aware of the specific set of requirements that come with designing for mobile.

All the critical considerations that apply to landing pages in general become even more pronounced when you are building a landing page that will likely be dominantly accessed via mobile devices. People who use their smartphones or tablets to browse the web are even more impatient than a typical desktop user, less likely to engage a brand through the landing page unless utterly convinced, and generally, more demanding.

When you combine this with the fact that you have to fit all the relevant info, call to action, and interesting visuals in the space that you are allowed by the small screens of mobile devices, it becomes painfully obvious that just being proficient in Bootstrap is not nearly enough for actually building a Bootstrap landing page that converts. If you want to know what is, contact us today and find out.